Dynamic Duo Kitchenware Bundle


Elevate your culinary skills with our versatile Kitchen Bundle. Includes a cutting grater and non-stick frying pan for precise and effortless cooking. Upgrade your cooking experience today!

Multi-function Vegetable Cutting Grater


Effortlessly cut, slice & grate veggies with the Simple Gray Vegetable Cutter. Easy-to-use press mechanism, durable materials. A must-have kitchen tool!

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Multi-function Vegetable Cutting Grater | Petra Shops


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Mini Non-Stick Frying Pan


Discover culinary excellence with our Mini Non-Stick Frying Pan. Even heating, minimal smoke, and easy cleaning for delightful cooking adventures.

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Mini Non-Stick Frying Pan | Petra Shops


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Introducing our Dynamic Duo Kitchenware Bundle, a must have for every culinary enthusiast! Moreover, this comprehensive set seamlessly combines convenience and versatility, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen.

The Multi function Vegetable Cutting Grater is truly a game changer in the kitchen. Moreover, with its wide selection of interchangeable blades, this remarkable tool effortlessly transforms vegetables into fine shreds, or even thick slices. Whether you’re preparing salads, stir-fries, or garnishes, this cutting grater offers unmatched precision and efficiency.


  • Accessories: Food Pusher, Shredding Disc, Slicing Disc
  • Function: Chopping, Shredding, Slicing
  • Power: Manual operation
  • Special feature: Adjustable settings
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel
  • Cutting options: Various thickness settings
  • Safety: Built-in finger guard, non slip base
  • Size: Compact and space saving design

Kitchenware Bundle: Versatile Cutting Grater  Interchangeable blade set

When combined with the Multi-function Vegetable Cutting Grater, the Mini non-stick frying pan completes the Dynamic Duo Kitchenware Bundle. Our Mini non-stick frying pan  is not only powerful but also incredibly convenient. With its durable non stick surface, it ensures effortless cooking and easy food release. Moreover, its small size makes it ideal for preparing individual portions, omelets etc.


  • Cookware type: Frying pan
  • Material: Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Features: Non-stick surface, Reduced oil smoke, Lightweight, Thick bottom
  • Non-stick surface: Easy to clean and prevents food from sticking
  • Thick bottom: Provides even heat distribution
  • Size: Compact and perfect for small dishes
  • Heat protection: Insulated handle for safe use
  • Convenience: Works well on gas, electric, and ceramic hobs

Kitchenware Bundle: Compact frying pan with non stick surface

Purchase our Dynamic Duo Kitchenware Bundle today and start an exciting cooking adventure filled with imagination and delicious tastes!

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