K9 Cruiser: Indoor Dog Toy That Glides

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The only dog toy that slides and glides like magic! The secret is the special slider base that allows your dog to push and chase K9 Cruiser for fun that lasts all day.


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K9 Cruiser: Indoor Dog Toy That Glides


The only dog toy that slides and glides like magic! The secret is the special slider base that allows your dog to push and chase K9 Cruiser for fun that lasts all day. It works on all types of flooring, like carpet, tile, and wood. K9 Cruiser stays on the ground, so it won’t scratch or mark up your walls. 

Made from reinforced, pet-safe material K9 Cruiser is super durable and long lasting! It’s the perfect shape and size for big dogs, little dogs and even older dogs. K9 Cruiser is guaranteed to keep your dog happy, healthy and fit!


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Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 6.69 × 6.69 × 3.14 cm


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3 reviews for K9 Cruiser: Indoor Dog Toy That Glides

    February 12, 2022
    I own a Pit/Mix, and she loves the k9 Frisbee, I have yet to find a Frisbee, that she can't destroy! Even the Indestructible ones.....So I tried this one just due to the Price and thinking if she destroys this one I'm not out a bunch of Money....so far so good almost 2 weeks after Christmas and not so much as even a chunk missing!! Very happy with this Purchase.
    S. Kaitukoff
    October 26, 2021
    Training our border collie to be a frisbee dog... these are perfect. Light, fly well, SOFT for his mouth. Got two to keep the action going. We never leave the toys with our dogs after play time... these are single purpose toys, and we put them away after use. These are a soft material that the dogs could easily destroy if used as an everyday chew toy. I dislike people reviewing a product poorly when it's destroyed by their dogs when used appropriately by the HUMANS. This is a great toy for the purpose. After use, put it away. If you leave it in the yard that's on you, not the toy.
    T. K.
    January 14, 2021
    Ive got a 70 lb Pit Bull who loves food and the k9 frisbee and tug ropes more than anything. Standard hard plastic discs... 5 minutes and they’re cracked. Red Kong flyers... I might get 2 weeks if I’m lucky and make sure he isn’t chewing on it. This one... a solid week of playing every day, 2-3 times a day, and barely a tooth mark on it. He picks up these soft discs sometimes by bending them in half like a taco shell. That made the center circle of the Kong brand split from the outside ring. Once it split he’d start picking at the opening until he ripped it. I’ve gone through 3 Kong flyers in just a couple months. This blue disc does not have that so no splitting!! Its also thinner and lighter weight so it flies so much better than the other one. I think he can see it better in the air as he’s been much more accurate in catching it mid flight. With their guarantee, this is a great purchase and I’ll be buying another to keep as a back up because I know he’ll destroy this eventually. When we play I use a tug rope toy along with the disc. He retrieves the disc and then has to drop it by me and we play tug for a few seconds as his reward for dropping the disc. Then I throw again and we start over. This is great way to keep your dog from chewing on the disc. By the way, always let your dog win the tug game. Always. Enjoy your pooches! And get this disc!!
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