Yangjiang 67 layers Damascus Steel Chefs Knife

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This knife is a true masterpiece! This Yangjiang chef’s knife has an astonishing 67 layers of Damascus steel making it both durable and as sharp as a knife can be.

You can choose between an 8 inch and a 4 inch blades which is VG10 steel core Damascus 67 steel with a natural wave pattern. Each knife has a double steel head and a steel core and 5.4-6.0N cutting force.

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4 inch, 8 inch

8 reviews for Yangjiang 67 layers Damascus Steel Chefs Knife

    January 23, 2022
    This paring knife is the perfect size and weight for cutting smaller fruits and vegetables. I'd say it's light weight, but it's so sharp you don't need added pressure to cut thru cucumbers, apples, celery, or even carrots and radishes. The handle and weight make it easy and safe to maneuver. My family uses this knife almost daily. In fact, we were so satisfied with our purchase that we went ahead and threw out two older paring knives that just couldn't keep a sharp edge and were not as easy to grip. I'd say this is a kind of like a cross between a utility knife and a paring knife. It's definitely multifunctional and convenient for smaller tasks, to include handling single portion meats. It's shaped like a mini santoku (which hasn't caused us any issues, but I thought I should point it out). I bought the larger santoku knife in this same style, and we've been very happy with that one as well. The knife is very nice looking for those who care about style. Unfortunately, I've only found two knives with this style (Damascus and blade handle). I highly recommend. It seems worth the money in the long run.
    January 23, 2022
    Amazing knife for the money! I have two Bob Kramer knifes and if this knife holds up over time and edge retention is decent I would expect this just might be the best Deal on any knife that I own! I graduated from culinary school thirty years ago and so far I am extremely impressed with this knife
    Daniel F.
    January 19, 2022
    Lest start with a little background on myself. I am a blacksmith, I actually purchased this because this is the style of knife that I was wanting to copy for a Damascus chef knife that I was wanting to make, since the knife looked like it is patterned after the knives produced by Bob Kramer, who is the only ABS Master smith that specialized in chef knifes. I figured for the price, even is the knife turned out to be crap, I can still get my moneys worth out of it. First thing that I noticed when I opened the box is that is looked great. I though that they had lied about it being Damascus in the description, and since I make knives, I happen to have a tub full of Ferric Chloride which is used for etching knives. Let the knife sit in there for about 30min, and the pattern got bolder, not something that would have happened if it had been laser etched like you see on fake stuff. Next thing I did was re sharpen it since the acid ate away part of the edge, and it sharpened super easy. We were also making a brisket the day that the knife showed up, and we needed to trim it. Now this design of knife is not exactly meant for trimming the way I was doing it, but it worked great and held a great edge and was still sharp after having trimmed off 20ish pounds of fat. Only issue I had was when I want to wash the knife, I dropped it in the sink, and a tiny part of the tip broke off. I was HAPPY to see this as it meant that 1. It was High carbon steel as advertised, 2. it was heat treated correctly since the knife did not just bend. Kitchen knives like this generally should be much harder than pocket knives or work knives since they need to keep a keen edge and don't need to be as flexible unless you have a very specific knife for a very specific job. Now there is one thing that I would like to change on this knife, which is adding a S grind/hollow grinding the sides to food does not stick to the sides. However that is unreasonable to expect for a knife of the price point, and is something that you are more likely to see on knives costing $100+ but is something that I can do myself later. I have had this knife for 6 months now and still love it to death. I actually plan on buying a few more knives from this company since the knives are extremely high quality for the price, and the price of the completed knife is about half as much as just the cost of the steel that I would use to make on like this. And I don't have to spend 20+ hours in the shop to make it.
    Nicholas Krupla
    January 17, 2022
    Cuts wonderfully, great knife for the money. I am a chef by the way. A knife of this quality is usually $100 or more.
    Chris Miller
    January 6, 2022
    The media could not be loaded.  I just got this and I Love this Knife. I do a lot of grilling and cooking and trimming me and slicing things perfect and there’s nothing worse than a dull knife that’s too sick! This knife is perfect my buddy recommended it so I got it and he was right if you do grilling and you cut meat chicken ham anything definitely get this knife the plaNice. I do a lot of grilling and cooking and trimming me and slicing things perfect and there’s nothing worse than a dull knife that’s too thick! This knife is perfect my buddy recommended it so I got it and he was right if you do grilling and you cut meat chicken ham anything definitely get this knife the Price is great to for the quality
    Amazon Customer
    January 4, 2022
    I was blown away with how nice the display box was; ultra sturdy, velvet lined, magnetic front lip.Opening it was another story, as seeing the knife in person is so much better than any picture can do it justice. INCREDIBLE blade, so thin and lightweight with a gorgeous Damascus layering pattern and near-mirror finish by the edge. The blade perfectly flows into the handle, which itself is flawless, comfortable, and great to look at.The blade is the sharpest I have ever seen on any knife before, and I have a long history with high end knives. It is BEYOND razor sharp, right out of the box.All in all, you get what you pay for. Yes, most people don't want to spend 100$ on a 7 inch cooking knife. But those who do likely appreciate the things that make it cost 100$. The fit and finish, the edge, the looks, and the bladesteel. Frankly, 100$ is a steal for this quality.I will definitely be looking for more from this maker! Hoping this will become an excuse to make more home-cooked food, and its certainly a bragging piece when company is over ;)Highly, highly recommended.
    December 27, 2021
    I purchased this Chef’s knife after seeing it on sale - and due to it being described as having a VG10 blade. The knife I received appeared to be used/previously returned as the box was noticeably worn and the blade had a couple tiny nicks on the edge. Despite these issues, I gave the knife a thorough examination to see if it was worth keeping. I decided it was not. The number one issue I had with this knife was the blade w is very thin. It easily flexes with little force. Given the VG10 blade, and the fact the edge showed a couple areas of chipping/flaking (I had not used this knife - found when looking it over), it is an indication the blade is brittle, which is very dangerous (especially for a thin blade). I think this product concentrated too much on appearance, and greatly neglected functional considerations - most notably safety.
    December 27, 2021
    The knife geometry is perfect, Identical like the Kramer by Zwilling 8 in chef's knife. It is sharp out of the box. Looks like real VG-10 steel.The blade, spine, tip, handle are in perfect condition.Considering it is at least 3 times cheaper of the cheapest Kramer by Zwilling 8 inch stainless I can say it is an excellent knife.And I have 3 Kramers so I can judge.
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