Winter Puppy Coat?

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These small dog coats are designed as four-legged style, keep your puppies warm in winter, but also comfortable.

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Winter Puppy Coat 


These small dog coats are designed as four-legged style, keep your puppies warm in winter, but also comfortable. The dog clothes are made of soft and thick warm fleece fabric, windproof and snow protection, every detail has been reinforced and stitching really well.





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Reviews ( 7 )

7 reviews for Winter Puppy Coat?

    Janet W.
    March 5, 2022
    I was looking for a jacket that had legs and an attached harness and was going to order 2 (different sizes and colors) for my 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I wanted legs in the jacket to cover the feathering on the legs, because it collects lots of snow that I can't get off and just have to wait for it to melt. It makes a real mess and I would have assume the dog gets cold. Having an attached harness makes it much more convenient than having to put the harness on and then feed the leash through a hole in the back of a jacket. This jacket fits both needs. The legs, however, are not long enough to reach all the way to the top of the dogs boots. But there is still good enough coverage to really help with the snow issue. The harness makes it so easy to just attach the leash and go. The other thing I like about this jacket is that it zips up the back. There were a couple of other jackets that closed at the belly and I thought that would be an absolute pain to try to close because his long hair would get stuck in the velcro. This jacket is really easy to put on. I ordered this in red for my male tricolor Cavalier King Charles spaniel (16-17lbs) to try it out. The sizing turned out to be a little bit on the snug side. I was going to order the hot pink one in a smaller size for my smaller (12lb) female Blenheim Cavalier. Turns out the red one was just a little too snug for the larger dog, so I'm using it on the smaller one even though it's not hot pink. The red is actually a little bit orange-tinged, which isn't my favorite color of red, but it's too inconvenient to return it and I like the jacket otherwise. The orangy color actually looks ok with her Blenheim coloring, so I went with matching their hair colors rather than their genders. I just ordered a larger size in black for the male tricolor Cavalier so we can tell whose jacket is whose. We recently went on a quick trip to Jackson (WY) for a couple of days and it was really cold, and our little one seemed pretty comfy in her little puffer jacket and boots. It was super easy to get on and off her, as jackets go. Looking forward to getting the black one for my other dog, just in time for the snow here. This year they will get more walks because I can control the mess. Normally in the winter I don't walk them as much because they get so much snow stuck in their hair, so we shovel a path in the back yard snow, and that's where the pups go to potty. Often many of the folks in the neighborhood take a day or two to shovel their sidewalks (if at all), and if we get successive snowstorms it really curtails the neighborhood walks. This winter I am looking forward to being able to walk them regardless of whether all the sidewalks are shoveled.
    AP from WisconsinAP from Wisconsin
    February 17, 2022
    This is the first coat we've gotten that covers our dog's legs and hips. And with temps in Wisconsin at -22 this morning, she really needs this coverage. Super easy to put on because it lays flat. The zipper can be a little tricky since our dog's tail curls up and onto her back, but it’s worth a little time to get it on right. The black, plastic clip is not needed and fell off right away. We just clip her leash thru through D rings, which are plenty big enough. We love this jacket! Our dog weighs 11 pounds and based on other reviews, I chose to go by measurements rather than weight. Glad I did as the large fits her perfectly. I relied on the chest and length measurements to get the right size. 
    Maria R RodgersMaria R Rodgers
    January 13, 2022
    Tinker is a 5 month old chihuahua. She’s 9.5 inches tall, 11.5 inches long, and about 14 inches around her chest. She’s about 5 lbs of wild child on any given day. She is wearing a sweater underneath this coat, but honestly it would probably fit her just fine without it. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about putting a harness on her over top of it, because one is already built in. It was pretty simple to put on. I love the color. Most importantly, I watched her walk around the house in it and it honestly did not slow her down. She can move around without limitation. I think it’s a great little coat! 
    jalon morrisjalon morris
    July 1, 2021
    I ordered the largest one they have I have a miniature poodle who is 11 pounds and it fit him perfectly it’s not red as in the picture it’s more of an orange color but it is still very nice. 
    June 4, 2021
    Perfect fit, size 12 for my 9lb Shnorkie. Not stiff, very easy to put on her (much easier than I thought it would be) and easy/flexible mobility. She doesn't seem to mind wearing it at all. Bright, vivid color makes her stand out for visibility which I like too. Covers a good portion of her underside, yet ample room to urinate without getting suit wet. wide zipper flap inside so it doesn't catch her fur/skin when zipping but I use my finger inside as well to guide it up to close. She hasn't shivered outside since I got this for her, so must be plenty warm! 
    Yasmina AlmeydaYasmina Almeyda
    April 4, 2021
    My dog has an interesting build: his length is that of a MEDIUM, it his width is a SMALL. So, I bought a medium coat. And it fits perfectly! It is a bit roomy for him BUT it allows for layering which will keep him nice and toasty when outside.In the pictures he is wearing a fleece sweater, and even with that on there is still some room which is good for movement. He looks like a red blimp. But at least he is warm.ALSO, IVE NOTICED complaint about the release buckle falling apart. The release buckle is not a part that is sewn onto the coat. Instead it is attached by inserting the leash hook through it. Will it fall out sometimes? Yea it might. Just know it’s not broken. At least you could easily replace the release buckle if needed, right? 
    July 1, 2019
    The best fit for long skinny dog- Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, 10#, 15” chest 12.5” back, 11” neck. The legs fit, and the integrated harness prevents chafing. I can put it on her without help. Its warm.Problems- the back zip is less convenient to put on than chest closure snaps, but, I put her front legs in first, then clip the harness and clip on the leash, then pop in the hind kegs and zip working the zipper pull through the harness clips. The reason I clip on the leash is because the D rings slip through the clips, they are too small, or the webbing is too thin (should be cordura nylon fir security of the dog, but it is just ribbon). The season is ending now and the zipper is starting to catch. I will have to order another one for next year; it is a one-season coat. It is not waterproof or ripstop. As usual with Chinese products the materials description is totally false. No cotton is involved in this product.Those issues were manageable for me, and it is the only coat that properly fit my odd dog. We had to buy a size up, 17” chest 13.5” back and it is a perfect fit. She doesn’t mind putting it on or walking in it. I wonder if the company will fix the quality of materials next year, or if I should buy another one now if they don’t make it again next year. We tried 10 different snow suits! 
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