Squeak Chew Dog Toys Sound?

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This squeaky dog toys package provides much-needed comfort and satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew and help its teeth and gums to grow healthily.

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Squeak Chew Dog Toys Sound 


This squeaky dog toys package provides much-needed comfort and satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew and help its teeth and gums to grow healthily. Made of high-quality plush and comfortable cotton fabric. Non-toxic as well as heavy-duty.

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7 reviews for Squeak Chew Dog Toys Sound?

    March 27, 2022
    I thought I had reviewed these already but at this point I can attest to their sturdiness better than previously. Our three dogs are VERY hard on toys as they are large, active dogs - one boxer/lab crosse and two boxer/? crosses. They love to chase each other and play two or three-way tug with all their toys. I am very impressed with the durability of these toys, especially for the very reasonable price. They have had these toys for two months and are still playing with them. They are not in perfect shape - the tails have pulled off of most - but they are otherwise in one piece and still entertaining the dogs. I will buy again when I need to replace them!
    November 15, 2021
    My dog loves stuffed toys, but always pulls all the stuffing out immediately, just to drag their flat, empty, carcasses around.These toys are unstuffed, and only contain a couple of squeakers inside (which she rips out quickly) but they’re relatively easy to wrestle away and clean up. She then loves these loose shells of toys like they’re her babies. She watches me when I pick them up to make sure they’re safe from the trash can or washing machine.They are not meant to be super long lasting or durable, they definitely tear open as easily as any other stuffed animal; but they’re less messy and perfect for any pets who just want a silent, flat, friend to carry around and play tug with. They do hold up well to a game of tug, which is nice. 
    November 15, 2021
    I'll preface my 5 star review by saying all dog toys of this nature are GOING to be destroyed eventually by any dog/puppy that has teeth. I have bought similar no stuffing toys and this group is by far the best. They are big enough to where my 86# 6mo. Dobie doesn't loose it in his mouth just by picking it up. Some of them say "large" and show a picture of a big dog and it's not true to scale. The head squeaker does go immediately. But, as with ANY dog toy, pup should be supervised to prevent choking on anything. So, once I/he remove the front squeaker and the crinkle paper it is still a frequently used toy. I just toss the decapitated skunk, cow, whatever it is in the sink and it's brand new. Headless, but hey, it's what they want. 
    Gunnar VogtmannGunnar Vogtmann
    November 8, 2021
    The product quality is Superb!
    June 23, 2021
    I bought these for our australian shepherd puppy who is now big. We do not give him all of them at one time of course so we still have a couple in the bag we have to hide from him.Our puppy dog just loves these!! We tell him these are indoor toys, however he comes and goes pretty much as he pleases inside and outside. I seen one of these out in the snow even! We washed them several times now.Our pup refuses to tear these up! He sleeps with them, he plays with them. The very first one we gave him still squeaks , that stuff in the middle that makes that noise will bring him to us in seconds!In fact our standard aussie places one of these in spots where we step on them when he is sleeping. We swear this is his way to know if we are getting up to go somewhere for he is here in a flash wanting to know where we are going. Even if it is to the other room! Typical of the aussie .......He likes to swing these back and forth , just stay out of his way haha. He likes to play tug of war with them too, just lightly though, he lets go if we tug to hard. It is kind of weird for the plastic type dog toys he tears the squeaker out of those in minutes. He wont do that with these.I feel these are one of the best buys we ever bought and I am sure we will be buying more at some point. Our aussie just loves these!Coralie
    May 30, 2021
    My husband and I were unexpectedly weekend sitters for my son’s 3 dachshunds who were bored with the worn out toys we had. I got these on the day the grand puppies arrived and they loved them! The squeakers and construction is robust, withstanding days of constant play by notorious squeaker killers. The variety of different animals ensured there each dog could have their own favorite. The toys come with a well made bag that was also part of the fun, as the dogs enjoyed pulling the toys out of the bag over and over again. I’m not sure how the toys would hold up with larger/stronger dogs, but I’m very happy with theses toys!
    Jody IngleJody Ingle
    April 4, 2021
     Day 3 of my two boxers playing with these toys and they’re holding up well. I wouldn’t say my dogs are hardcore chewers but they like to fight for the toys and that’s what tears them apart. I was wondering if these toys would last a day and so far, so good. All five toys have squeakers in the head and the tail and the crinkly stuff is in the middle. Lots of crinkly stuff which my dogs love! The toys seem to be made well and are reasonably priced. I am happy with my purchase and I will purchase again when needed because all soft toys eventually perish in my house and we expect it. 
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