Solar Charging Garden Light

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Solar garden lighting has advanced and is now a must-own solution for outdoor home and landscape outdoor lighting. This product is an intelligent light-dependent control solar lamp specially designed for outdoor lighting and for the simple street lamps to communities and parks,

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Solar Lights for Outdoor


Solar garden lighting has advanced and is now a must-own solution for outdoor home and landscape outdoor lighting. This product is an intelligent light-dependent control solar lamp specially designed for outdoor lighting and for the simple street lamps to communities and parks, lighting of yard of rural households, the street lamp of new rural, lighting of field farm and large and small cultivation plants, etc. It has the features of wide application scope, convenience for use, and energy saving.

Shines bright white light up to several hours on a full solar charge, provides high lumen warm white light to enhance all your properties, or can be used as working light for BBQ, camping, and more


  • Continuous lighting time: 36 hours or more
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Light source type: led
  • Rated power: 100 (W)
  • Type: Solar Flood Light
  • Voltage: 3.7 (V)
  • Dimensions: 160*180*50 (mm)


Additional information
Weight 489-6.65 kg
Dimensions 9.25 × 13.7 × 0.66 cm

180W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W

Reviews ( 3 )

3 reviews for Solar Charging Garden Light

    January 19, 2022
    Installation was a breeze. Under 5 mins with a power drill. I posted one about 15’ up over my garage/stairs/driveway. First of all these are well designed for being so affordable. I tweaked the direction of the lights a little to light my drive where it meets my stairs—since they are engineered to allow that. When I pulled in the driveway tonight, on they went! boy are these lights bright!! Which is great because it’s been icy and that was my main reason for purchasing these. Such a great deal! I installed another pointing to our back yard for our visibility when taking out the dog. I highly recommend these!
    January 13, 2022
    This is designed well on the outside. I was able to easily mount it to the eve of my shed due to the mounting bracket being separate. However, because the screws that come with it are so cheap, the Phillips head stripped out and I had to use different screws.I got the first one mounted and it worked a treat. Even a dancing flame of my firepit was enough to get it to turn on... since I was trying to make my back yard uncomfortable for the local skunk who was making my yard into a paleontologist's dig site, I was highly appreciative. It was clear and bright and lasted about 30 seconds and then turned off on its own.This seems to have worked fine for about a week and then, one evening, I was walking through the back yard and I saw a flash like a lightning flash. It was the light trying to turn on, but only getting out the flash.The second one, which I mounted a few days after the first one, is still working for the time being. I feel like I am just waiting to see if the second one has the same problem.It is likely an issue where the solar panel is not charging and it was just working off of the battery until it ran out of charge.I have just contacted the seller via email (On a Friday Night, so I don't expect a quick response). However, I will update this review with the results.They contacted me and suggested that I turn it off and leave it to charge to see if that resolved the issue. They suggested that it was possible that there were too many activations which likely drained the battery and left it without enough charge to light up normally. They suggested that flame, reflective objects, heat, etc. could cause activation of the sensor and that it might be the root cause. I didn't know if that's what's going on, but I am willing to give it a try.Two days without being turned on, and it has returned to its pre-flashing behavior.I have moved the second unit onto a table closer to the WWIII site that our visiting skink was creating in the back yard to scare him/her away (I am not getting close enough to determine) which is the original purpose of this purchase.I will update with the results of the skunk scare... but I can give the stars back to AmeriTop as it appears that the problem is environmental, not manufacturing.
    January 6, 2022
    These lights are bright af, you know those annoying honda guys that have those bright a$$ blue led lights that hit you in the rear view mirror when you are driving at night? These are that bright on god. Originally i got these so i could play badminton in the back of the house with my fam these are easy to install you can use a nail to a wood post or something of the light so it can hang off of good support.They soak up the sun for power, honestly i set these on the floor away from water and such to recharge. The first day i let them charge for around 4 hours and around night time i set these bad boys up and i needed some sunglasses to see cause i felt like a ricer honda was coming at me.Initially i purchased these at the start of covid and they are still going strong as of November so i think i got my moneys worth in my opinion. Motion detection is spot on & they stay on if they sense something is in the range, so long as its in range it will stay on. I can only imagine the rave that would go down if you was clappin in yah room while these were set up pointing at you xD jkjk in all seriousness its a good buy so long as you dont get a defective unit! I didnt have the problem but i saw some people did, so fingers crossed for you!
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