Simple And Modern LED Line Wall Lamp

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The LED wall sconce measures 80cm long, take up very little space. Modern look makes the lamp suitable for any decoration style.

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Long Strip Wall Lamp



The LED wall sconce measures 80cm long, take up very little space. Modern look makes the lamp suitable for any decoration style, not only for home use such as  bedroom, living room, but also for salon mirror, etc. Made of high quality metal. 




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Weight 2.31 kg
Dimensions 17.7 × 3.93 × 3.93 cm

White warm light, Black warm light



Reviews ( 7 )

7 reviews for Simple And Modern LED Line Wall Lamp

    February 17, 2022
    I bought 2 of these light fixtures. One was the 43.3"/40W & the other was the 27.9"/24W. I ordered them to hang over the mirror/sink area [43.3"/40W] & the vanity area [27.9"/24W] of my bathroom, despite reviews that said they didn't produce enough light. I have to disagree. They're LED and the light reflects up and down, producing a wonderful effect of directed luminance. The fixtures themselves are lightweight and extends less than 1-1/2" from the wall. They're wall huggers and I love that feature. The matte black against my white wall is beautiful. They're modern, sleek, bright, easy to wipe clean, and super simple to install. No complaints here.
    February 17, 2022
    It looks beautiful and modern! With electric box back plate,easy to install,My bf finished in 10 minutes. Matte material, high quality led driver, good quality than I expected and gives soft sufficient light. Really nice wall sconce for the price.Just what I needed! Ordered one more yesterday 
    January 7, 2022
    John PackardJohn Packard
    June 12, 2021
    We bought two of these for our complete master bathroom remodel. We bought most of our items from Amazon for this remodel and found the prices and selection the best. And the 30-day free Prime return policy makes Amazon hard to beat! We did end up returning a few things and it was so easy.These soft lights make us feel like we're in a spa or a luxury hotel. They give off a nice relaxing, calming light. If we need a little more brightness, we turn on our lights over the tub and shower which reflect off the walls nicely and into the mirror for a little more intensity but still very soft. Perfect. We bought all 3000K lighting and like it very much. We are really enjoying these lights. 
    sarah suttonsarah sutton
    June 6, 2021
    I seriously cannot express how amazing this light is. (27", neutral). I have spent a lot of time researching lighting angles / styles of fixtures best fit to light up different types of areas. My old light fixture was a brushed nickel, with a yellow tint (the bulbs are white but the casings had a slightly yellow tint to them) which made the bathroom look very yellow with the brown cabinets. I painted the cabinets white, got black handles & appliances so I was needing a black light to match. My theme was black rectangles, as you can see in my photos- it matches perfectly. The light gives off a high-end, fancy hotel feel. It brightens the mirror itself without blinding you in the face with light. Another thing I really love about this light is that it casts light both below & above it. my bathroom being so small, I need the vertical lighting to increase visibility & appearance of size.Installing it was a piece of cake. All I did was took off the old light fixture, all the wires were black & white connected. I disassembled the old wires which matched the new wires, connected, remounted the fixture and that was it. I struggle with connecting electronics & this was done in 5 minutes. All you need is a phillips screwdriver.If you've had this in your cart, BUY it. If you've been considering something like it, BUY THIS ONE. I have a friend who's building his home custom (literally, hand designed EVERYTHING) and he's considering using this light in his new home after seeing my social media posts of it. GET THIS LIGHT you'll be very very happy you did. and for the price? WHAT A DEAL!!!! 
    Man in the Middle
    May 19, 2021
    Needing reading lights over two beds, a couch and a chair, we ordered four of these in white with warm white LEDs in the 32.6" length. All four are installed and working exactly as hoped, installed by a handyman friend, which basically involved poking an outlet hole at the right height above existing wall outlets, and running a new wire from the existing outlet to the new one. Because these light bars lack their own on/off switch, our installer bought small toggle switches for each at Home Depot, and wired them into a new 3/4" hole at the right end of each light. The toggles include a small red LED when off, so finding them in the dark is very easy.The result is spectacular! The new lights are very bright, but not uncomfortable to look at, with all their light being directed up and down when mounted horizontally. (Although this would be a good reason for not installing them verically anywhere anyone would have to stare into the LED lights directly.) As an unexpected bonus, the white finish exactly matches that of the chair rail trim in our house, making the installation look even more professional. Another bonus is that they only stick out from the wall about an inch and a half, so they don't make our small home feel any smaller.One option not currently offered is a shorter 12" version in white with warm white LEDs. We considered buying the black 24" version and repainting it, but the wall where we'd like to put it over another chair really isn't wide enough for even a 24" lamp to fit easily. I'd also suggest offering an on/off switch like the one we installed as an option.Highly recommended!Update: After measuring again, we COULD use the existing 24" 3000K version, if it were offered in white too rather than only in black, so hopefully that will eventually also be an option.
    May 5, 2021
    I like this light for two reasons. First it’s actually white — not warm, not cool, just white. Second, it puts out a good amount of light. Much brighter than Ikea products of similar style.This color rating thing is getting out of hand. 4000k 5000k its all irrelevant. Nobody can agree on what number represents white anymore. But this light is white — for now. Can never be too careful with these Chinese products, they may get a new batch of LEDs and swap them in as “Equivalent”. My point being, mine are white, hopefully if you buy them yours will be too.
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