Silver Brown Wedding Ring

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Titanium Silver Brown Wedding Ring, Natural Wood Dome Ring, Matte Groove Fashion Jewelry

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7 reviews for Silver Brown Wedding Ring

    March 16, 2022
    Got this ring as an Engagement/wedding ring with my fiancé. I love it so much and I almost never take it off. First off, it’s VERY comfortable. I highly recommend getting a rounded inside, it just fits so much better and you don’t even notice it, especially if you wear it for a few days. It’s that comfortable.I love that the ring is made with Tungston Carbide. For one, it’s extremely affordable, 2. Tungston is literally scratch resistant so you never have to worry about hitting your ring againced anything by accident and scratching or denting it. You wear it. It stays smooth and shiny. All you gotta do is give it a good wipe down and whallah, the ring looks brand new again.Also, Tungston is a beautiful metal, and I think it’s ridiculous to spend more money for something that’s not as durable, like Gold, silver, or platinum.I’ve had tons of compliments already for this ring, and people think I spent hundreds on it.The only down side to Tungston is that you cannot engrave it in any way. The metal is so hard and dense, it just doesn’t work. (I tried) and it nearly broke the jewlers engraving machine.The other downside to Tungston is you gotta be more careful to not drop it... Tungston is extremely strong hard metal but it can be a little on the brittle side... and if you drop it on a surface that’s hard enough, it can crack the ring.As far as this style of ring, I love it. It’s masculine, it’s simple, it looks kool, and surprisingly I LOVE the rose gold color in between the Black and Grey. Very kool, very pretty, very comfortable, I wear it 24/7 and hardly ever notice it, and when I do, I’m always confident it’s gonna look as beautiful as when I first got it, because unlike Silver, Platinum, Or Gold... you will NEVER have to worry about “being careful not to scratch the ring” you can wear it proudly and confidently knowing it’s gonna last a long time and stay beautiful. ...just try not to drop it on a hard surfaces like Tile or metal!Love it. Worth it. Get it. (Recommend rounded inner-band)
    Charla VanDerMeer
    February 25, 2022
    I did return this ring, but not because of beauty or quality. I have never had rose gold, but on my skin color it does not look good. But it is a personal opinion. The ring itself is FLAWLESS!!! GORGEOUS!!! If you like rose gold, you will love this!!
    Morgan AlbrightMorgan Albright
    January 11, 2022
    My husband LOVES this ring. For the money, it is so durable and looks expensive. We looked at Jewelry stores for our bands and they were upwards of $400. We initially bought it just for our ceremony but he loves it so much he wears it daily now. 
    Indi Smith
    November 15, 2021
    The media could not be loaded.  Video is with my wife-to-be's wedding ring as we wanted to see what they all looked like together before choosing. It is an absolutely beautiful ring, I purchased it before in both the black variation and this, having known that I wanted the black one as my wedding ring for over a year, but this on is so much classier in person, and the black which I initially preferred looked cheap by comparison. So, to my surprise, I returned the black, to keep this for my wedding ring. Due to continuing weight loss and my concern that they'll be discontinued and their low cost, I purchased it again now in a couple of sizes as I'd like it to be my wedding ring for the rest of my life. Also in four sizes, with shipping and import charges is still come up to less than a quarter of the cost of my fiancée's ring so I'm chuffed. It's just a really stunning ring, fantastic quality though I love tungsten rings for their strength, weight and durability anyway but some can be less well finished than others and that's definitely not the case here, and it's extremely comfortable. It's perfect for a lifelong commitment if I'm honest. We're both very happy!
    June 1, 2021
    I lose my wedding ring occasionally- take it off when doing long bike rides, lifting weights at gym, kayaking, whatever (felt the need to explain). Wanted something that looked decent and was cheap enough to have backups. This one has been great- I've had it about two months (or more) and it is holding up pretty much perfectly. Thought the color would rub off, or the brushed look would get all scratched, but not at all- looks pretty much good as new. Maybe less glossy now, but still very good. Very pleased. Sizing seemed right on.
    Amazon Customer
    May 19, 2021
    I just got the ring so I can’t say how long it will hold up but I can say this: it feels like its high quality especially when compared to some of the overpriced gold rings that I have been looking at in the jewelry stores. Most of them are lightweight and feel like something from a candy store yet cost thousands of dollars. This ring is beautiful and the pics do not do it justice. I would highly recommend it compared to any gold ring out there. I am no expert but i have been looking a long time for a wedding band and have learned a few things I will share with you.When shopping for a band think about this... if you were to try to sell a ring to a jewelry store they would tell you that the only thing they can do is melt it down and sell the gold. They would then offer you the price of the weight in gold which is probably around $45 a gram (most men’s rings average about 10 grams so $450). They would then deduct from that using a formula that calculates 18k 14k 10 k etc. because the rings are not made of solid gold. So basically you’ll get nothing, maybe if you’re lucky one or two hundred dollars.Now, if you were to buy the same ring from a jeweler they would charge 14 to 16 hundred dollars because for some reason when it’s them selling it, the value of the weight of gold suddenly is no longer in play. “We have to pay the designers, jewelers, sales people whatever whatever”…I can understand them having to make money but c’mon a 3000% increase over the price of the weight in gold??? And people fall for it every day. So next time you are in a jewelry store and have that $2000.00 ring in your hand, think to yourself: its true value is whatever the price of the weight in gold happens to be minus all the different metals that are mixed with the gold. Don’t rip yourself off!!! While you’re at the jewelry store ask to see a ring made from tungsten and they will happily sell you one for four to five hundred dollars! Do yourself a favor and buy this ring!UPDATE- Company REACHED OUT TO ME just to see how i liked the ring (who does that?) so wow, the customer service is absolutely superb! I told them the ring was big and i needed a half size smaller. What did they do? They sent me a new ring without having to return the original! Absolutely the best customer service I have had on Amazon! Highly recommend this seller!
    Steven Pehling
    May 13, 2021
    Absolutely amazing I’ve had five different rings all of them are itchy and I couldn’t stand having them on my finger even tried the silicone ones those sucked but this ring was awesome I am actually able to wear every day without it irritating the skin
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