Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar

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This security design can keep your dogs’ safety when out door walking or training,but did take care of your baby dogs to avoid hurting others.


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Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar


This security design can keep your dogs’ safety when out door walking or training,but did take care of your baby dogs to avoid hurting others. Leather studded dog collar with special style that classical color with brilliant spiked,make your dogs stand out in the park and be proud of them!


Weight 063-0.70 kg
Dimensions 11.81 × 11.81 × 2.36 cm

Brown, Black



7 reviews for Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar

    Kyng Smith
    March 5, 2022
    Aight, didn't buy it for a dog. Bought for kink fashion. But still, it's well made, the 'leather' looks/feels real and is a nice thick solid band, however, the spikes are VERY sharp, the curved ones are blunt but the others are really sharp. I personally would be terrified of my dog pushing/running by me and catching skin/fabric and just wrecking me. If you have a big dog these would work really well, I would sand down the spikes some. I haven't actually put it to the test of being attached to a leash and other dog activities you'd normally do, but for fashion/human wear it'd basically work.
    barry lorberbaumbarry lorberbaum
    January 17, 2022
    First impressions are great with this collar - I was totally surprised on the weight and thickness of the material. Being that it’s not real cowhide/leather I as a bit skeptical, but not once having it in person. It seems very well built and looks incredible. I had been trying bro find the right spiked collar for my Doberman to give her that mean bada$$ look that is so stereotypical of Dobermans (if you know them than you know it’s all smoke and mirrors!) well she’s looks bad in it for sure. It is a head turner - first time in public and she got even more attention than normal, and so many comments on the collar.I have walked her a few times with her in it, with no strength issues, but she is a good walker, never pulls & stays at heel, so as far as pull/break strength I can’t tell you for sure but as think as the material is I would assume it to be string. Again it’s beautifully made and looks incredible, and yeah the spikes are sharp! If you dog were to be attacked while wearing this, the neck area wouldn’t be attacked for long! I love it, dog loves it - last leather collar took a while to soften & break in - not this - it’s ready to wear comfortably for your dog . Measured as they said and fit was right on the mark - fits perfectly too. 
    January 13, 2022
    03/01/18 Only time will tell how this item unravels but when received item looks stout.. studs seem secure and item looks tough.. using it for my tri color French dog male.. I purchased the 15-17 one for him and it fits him perfect at the 3rd to last hole I leave on the 2nd to lay hole which is loose but not loose enough to get over his head and the extra flap fits perfect under its secure tab.. the last whole will leave the collar sticking out and will not be able to get under the tab FYI.. just order the next size up 17-20 for my thicker brindle male so it should fit him nice and will test fit it on my tri color.. I will post better pics when I come back to this in some time for a update.. as for now you can see it on my tri color..he weighs 28.7lbs FYI reference him against the tiles which are 1’x1’**update-update-update**If you got a decent size to larger Frenchie I would get the 2nd size up from the bottom (17-20”) fits my male great and would fit a broader one even better.. if you have a smaller more compact one the 14-17 would be better.. 4th pic is of the 17-20 size 5th is of the 14-17 
    January 11, 2022
    I bought this collar after the 5th dog attacked and latched onto my dogs neck in 2 years. I figured for 20 bucks I wouldnt lose much if something goes wrong (most handmade collars of this kind cost +$100)When I opened the package I was expecting something plasticky and cheap. Possibly smelly.But instead I was surprised by an odorless collar that is steady, thick, and beautiful. The spikes are sharp, and I mean SHARP.I have a good feeling even how lovely it is now eventually the PU leather will flake, as does all PU Leather eventually. So if you are looking for something to look great for years, find something made with real leather.Finally. This is definitely not an around the house collar. This is not an everyday collar. Its sharp, and obviously though its sturdy it's not made with top quality, studs are gonna fall out and again it will flake. Only put this on your dog when you're going out, or the dog might need neck protection. 
    Amazon Customer
    June 12, 2021
    Our beloved Golden Retriever was recently viciously attacked by our neighbor's dog on the neck. Once our dog's neck is healed, he will wear this collar especially just for our neighbor's dog. You MUST protect your dog from other dogs and the neck is where they go. It was a little too big but my husband drilled a hole in it to make it smaller. Our dog is a small to medium sized Golden(65 lb) which usually wears a 22" chain so I would buy one size smaller than this product if your dog is about this size. We can't wait to try it out soon.....
    Michael J Collette
    June 4, 2021
    While it’s more than I bargained for, SHARP and spiked.Just make sure that your “buddy” doesn’t like to rub up on you. Thus the reason for my title.My Pup is affectionate and loves to charge at me, ending up with his neck and head on my lap. I had another spiked collar, but it grew to small for him.I looked at Petco and Petsmart for a collar similar to the collar he grew out of. But neither store seemed to sell them anymore.When I searched Amazon, they listed a few.Seeing that my Pup is part Rottie,Boxer and American Terrier, I wanted to get him a collar that was befitting for him.While the first collar that was sent had a coule of studs fall off, Amazon replaced it the very next day.I anticipated that it would take him a month or so for him to grow into the collar, he officially wore the collar to his vet this past week. The necessary adjustments made (the initial hole I put the collar on allowed him to slip out of the collar) we went to see his Vet so he could get a weight on him for his heart worm.It should be noted that my Pup hadn’t been around other dog, well other than the other 3 at home, he did amazingly well around the other dogs at the Vets office. I was more afraid that he’d wanted to play as he does at home with his buds. Thankfully there wasn’t any issues.This collar looks great and mean. Be careful not to get your hand or face to close to the studs. They’re sharp, and could cause bleeding to happen.
    When things hit the fanWhen things hit the fan
    June 1, 2021
    2/6/22 perhaps final update? The collars ring broke today. It still has the other one but who knows how long that'll last. It lasted longer than I thought but this isn't something I want to be buying on a regular basis so I'll try my luck elsewhere.12.23.21 So i've had it for some time now, and the ring that I select for the tightness, it's begun to wear. My dog only wears this when we go to the park, which is usually 3 times a week.9/19/21 Just got it, I will continue to update this review as the time goes by. I couldnt help but notice some reviews commenting on the spikes falling off. It's the whole reason we bought them right? So I'll do my part and report how they fare.First impressions are, wow these things are SHARP. My dog loves cuddles, she was raised around cats so she'll circle around your legs. Yes, I couldnt help but notice the spikes.The reason I bought them is because another dog keeps lunging at my dogs nape and the owner refuses to correct the behavior of the dog. I will include a video of how that goes, maybe even a before and after. 
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