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need to install,just put the dog bell in any flat place.Easy to teach
your puppy or kitten to hit the flat button with his paw or nose to
potty training bell body is made of metal material with cute printed
pawprints. Painted finish and prevent rust. The ringing is loud and
clear but not driving you nuts.
it can be carried with your puppy. And come with 1 extra training
clicker for more interaction with you and your pets wherever you are
indoor or outdoor.
tool to treats game, potty training, housetraining and housebreaking
for your pets, and it also can be desk call bells for stores,
restaurants, bar and hotel.
Potty training
House training
House breaking
Interacting with your pet
Nice Ringing
sounding is loud and clear but not driving you nuts. Easy on your ears
to delightly attend to your pet’s nature call wherever you are in the
Material: Metal+Plastic
Color: White + Black
Bell size: 2.95 x 2.95 x 1.9 inches
Package Content
1* Freestanding dog training bells
How to entertain your pet using the pet button bell?
Check out these steps for interacting with your pet.
Using treats, motion for pet to hit bell.You can take up pet paw and put it on the bell.
pet ring it,then give verbal or physical praise before rewarding wih a
treat.This will help it learn to work for praise rather than food.


Continue practicing,repeat for three days,as long as it press button,it will get praise and food.

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 2.95 × 2.95 × 1.9 cm

White + Black  

9 reviews for Pet Training Bell

    Paddle Girl
    March 3, 2022
     We bought these for our 4lb toy poodle. We originally tried the hanging door bells, but the swinging bells scared our little dog. These small bells are perfect for her small paws. She learned how to use them in less than a day.
    C. Rich
    February 25, 2022
    This is perfect for our dog. She actually broke our other bell as she loves to ring it repeatedly if we don't let her out on the first ring. Love that I get 2 incase she breaks another.
    January 1, 2022
    Thought I'd try to train my puppy to ring the bell to go potty and these work great. He learned to do it in 3 days..put one outside to ring when he wants to come in.
    Christina O.
    November 6, 2021
    Trained my pup to use this in one week. Only down side is he’s so smart he rang it to go out to play, not just potty lol love that it’s a set of two in case one breaks, but the first one is going strong still. Bought these almost a year ago. Love it.
    June 23, 2021
    I taught my cat to ring a bell for her treats, but a regular bell was a little difficult with the little metal ringer on top.These pet bells were perfect! She can hit the large, flat ringer with ease :)
    June 19, 2021
    I would have liked it to have someway to attach it to the floor may be a big round piece of Velcro that would stick to the floor and hold the bell to the floor. Instead of ringing at one time my dog picked it up and brought it to me… 😂 But other than that I really like them. We rang them every time we want the dogs to go out and they rang it every time they need to go out
    April 4, 2021
     Easy for cats to learn how to ring, fun to show company. 
    Michel Gurule
    April 1, 2021
    I bought this for my Pomeranian to let us know she needs to go outside, as we have no doggy door. She definitely learned she can get treats for using it, but won’t use it to go outside. Lol it is super cute to see the dogs using these, my dog just needs a little more training on what it is supposed to be used for. Recommend! The price is awesome for 2 of them, the noise is not too loud, and I recommend using something to stick it to the floor.
    Halie W.
    March 27, 2021
    I received these in the mail today, and they have been a life saver! We were having such a hard time getting our puppy to tell us when he needed to go to the potty. He's learned to use these in just a matter of a few hours! Not a single accident since. I'm so very pleased! They are so cute, and the perfect size to push right in the corner by the door. I'd definitely recommend these!
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