Pet Slow Feeder Interactive Dog & Cat IQ Training Toys

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Maybe in 5 mins, the foods is gone. As we all know that the obesity is harmful to human health, so is pets.

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Pet Slow Feeder Interactive Dog & Cat IQ Training Toys
Maybe in 5 mins, the foods is gone. As we all know that the obesity is harmful to human health, so is pets.


Maybe in 5 mins, the foods is gone. As we all know that the obesity is harmful to human health, so is pets. Pets slow feeder concept is advocated by experts and veterinarians at a wide range.

Our slow feeding dispenser controls the speed of your dog eating while the puzzle maze promotes brain activity.

Made with high quality products and , this toy is safe for your dog. The non-slip design on the bottom makes the toy more stable and won’t tip over when the pet is eating.

Weight 2.46 kg
Dimensions 9.84 × 12.59 × 12.59 cm

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8 reviews for Pet Slow Feeder Interactive Dog & Cat IQ Training Toys

    Reading Bifrost
    March 3, 2022
    I've had this 5 months now, and it's still my girls favorite. She learned how to use it very quickly, and now she doesn't even go to her 'normal' bowl for food. It works best with smaller kibble that I use anyway; bigger kibble would have a hard time coming out of the holes. When it's out of food she sits and stares at it until I refill it for her!One con is that my doggo is an aggressive spinner, so sometimes the food misses the maze-bowl and goes all over the floor (but it gets licked up again pretty fast).My older doggo also likes it, but he doesn't like to spin it. Instead, he waits for little sis to spin for him!
    February 22, 2022
    Just got this toy today and had a lot of fun teaching my dog to use it and watching him get all the treats out of it. There weren't any assembly instructions in the box, but assembly is extremely easy and intuitive. My one tip is to make sure to tighten the gray screws that hold the barrel in place until they are firm. I left them a little loose at first because I thought tightening them would make it harder for the barrel to roll. However, one of the screws came loose and fell off while my dog was playing. It would be concerning if this happened when I wasn't around because he could have chewed the screw up or swallowed it. I screwed it back in and tightened it and had no more issues as he continued spinning the barrel to get the treats out. The toy also comes with two spare screws, which is really nice in case one gets worn out or lost. If you're really concerned about your dog unscrewing the screws, you could probably take one to the hardware store and find a regular screw with less of a bulky head to use instead. The only downside would be that you'd have to use a screwdriver each time you need to loosen the screws.My dog is very intelligent and learns how to do most tricks and use most slow feeder toys within a matter of minutes. However, teaching him to use it was so easy that I can't imagine many dogs having trouble learning it. I held my open hand on top of the barrel and told my dog "shake," and he pawed at the barrel trying to paw at my hand. I repeated that a few times, praising him when he did it, and he started doing it on his own. He nudged it around a lot with his nose at first, but I wanted to teach him how to paw at it because it's a much easier method of getting treats out. When there were just a few treats left, however, he didn't roll the barrel as much and used his nose to nudge it a little. I think he understood that he had to change his strategy for getting the last few treats to fall out, and it was fascinating watching him work.My dog is medium-sized (50 lbs.), and I feed him 2 cups of dry food per day. There are a lot of slow feeder and puzzle toys out there, but unfortunately, not all of them hold 2 cups of food. The barrel of this toy is quite large, however, and can easily hold 2 cups. I only feed my dog one meal a day, and he gets plenty of treats throughout the rest of the day, but if your dog requires more than 2 cups at a time, you would probably need to feed two meals or divide a single meal between multiple toys. My dog has a KONG Wobbler and a Buster food cube in addition to this toy, so I will probably divide his meal up at some point just to give him more of a challenge.There are a few downsides to this toy. It has rubber feet on the bottom, which is nice, but unfortunately, the one I received isn't totally balanced. It wobbles a little. I think, if you really wanted to, you could probably attach suction cups to the bottom and suction the toy to a hard floor to keep it from being knocked around so much. My dog scooted it around while playing with it, which isn't a huge deal. It wasn't any louder than the Wobbler when he was playing with it, but if you're sensitive to sound, you would probably want to find a way to stick this toy to the floor.This is a minor complaint, but it would be nice if there was a quicker way to get the barrel off. To remove it and replace it, you have to totally unscrew and re-screw the gray screws. I think, however that making the design more convenient while keeping the toy sturdy and stable enough would be a challenge. My only idea would be spring-loaded pins that you pull back to remove the barrel instead. But again, I consider this nitpicking because removing the barrel is still really quick and easy.One thing I wish was a little better is the rubber flap where you pour food into the barrel. It doesn't fit completely snug and flat and buckles a little in the middle. This doesn't interfere with the functioning of the toy at all. It just requires a little tedium to make sure the flap is snapped in well and also smoothed out so it doesn't come loose or interfere with the rolling of the barrel.A minor issue is the size of the hole for putting food into the barrel. It's long but a little narrow, so I can see pouring food into it without a funnel potentially being a little messy, especially if your dog requires larger sizes of kibble. Cleaning the inside of the barrel could also be a challenge. There are flexible bottle brushes available on Amazon that would come in handy for cleaning the inside.Overall, I think this toy is relatively sturdy, durable, and well-made. It presents a unique challenge to pets, with most other food toys requiring the same types of nudging movements to get the food out; this one requires different movements. It also slows down feeding a lot due to the tray underneath, which gives pets a mentally stimulating challenge and prevents bloat in dogs. I recommend this to anyone with a dog that has had success using other puzzle and slow-feed toys.
    Donna Block
    February 12, 2022
    We bought this for our GSD who is stuck inside of our motorhome on rainy days as we travel. It is a great puzzle toy and she caught on pretty fast when we showed it to her. It was really cute, actually. She tried like 4 different ways to get the kibble out including picking it up in her mouth and going elsewhere to mess with it. :). We had to send it back sadly, because even at the highest level, it was too hard for her to get her head between the spinner and the tray to get the food. If they made a bigger one with higher sides, I'd get it again. I just think that might not work because it would likely tip over if it was too high. If you have a smaller to medium dog <50 pounds, I'd suggest this for sure! They even give you a couple of extra plastic screws in case you break or lose one.
    January 14, 2022
    Good product indeed
    July 1, 2021
    My teenage cattle dog loves this. I unhooked the green roller, and she gently nudges it, eats the kibbles, and repeats. She can use it connected like normal, but this way tires her out a bit (her energy is still relentless).Yes, she smashes is into things and gets it stuck under the couch, but I don’t mind helping her out. It’s rather entertaining watching her problem solve.I bought one for my mom’s 1yr old cattle dog too. Both young and old dogs were able to easily figure it out ;) Assembly was easy, and I don’t notice any strong smell.
    June 6, 2021
    This item is pretty amazing. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the one major flaw...We use this every day for meals. My dogs meals no longer disappear by the time her food container has been put away. I receive entertainment watching this awkward 2.5 year old Pitt bull terrier use her paw to whack the wheel like a Neanderthal and dispense food to herself. Luckily she also enjoys the challenge. We both have fun as the major flaw of this item makes me get interactive with her.Now we get to talk about the flaw...This thing moves across the floor. It moves off the food mat and the "Neanderthalic whack" my dog gives the wheel doesn't help much. This food puzzle has non stick feet and I thought paired with a non stick mat it would be fine. It's not. I have to act as border patrol and push it back towards the area of the lower floor it came from.No matter how much I wrack my brain to come up with a method to keep this thing immobile nothing comes to me. I place at one spot in the room and it moves all over the room as my dog eats. This is the flaw. We both love this thing though... But I would buy an upgraded model if the company can create a design that doesn't migrate so easily.
    Whiskey Bottle
    May 24, 2021
    The media could not be loaded.  Works well as a slow feeder. The maze is a bit of a plus, buys a little more time and collects the kibble. Fairly sturdy at all heights. The action on the spinner is light enough that most dogs shouldn’t have any problem with it nor get frustrated. Eventually they might tip it over of course — see video — so it’s still best used under supervision or adjacent room because otherwise the rubber opening which stows the kibble will be history in a flash. I don’t recommend more than a cup of kibble max.
    A. Nichols
    February 17, 2019
    Our 5 month old 20 pound puppy was polishing off a cup of food in the morning and again in the evening in under a minute. After receiving this feeder/puzzle it took him about a day to figure out how to get his food out of this contraption, but now he's spinning this thing like crazy! It takes him a good 15 to 20 minutes to get a cup of food out of the tumbler and he loves playing the game. The only downside is that the tumbler spins so fast sometimes that it can send his kibble flying 3' to 4' feet away from the feeder tray. For us that isn't a deal breaker since he is very good about picking up any pieces that end up on the floor. All and all super happy with this buy and highly recommend it for curious/intelligent speed eaters.
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