Party Event Decorative Latex Balloon Chain Set

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Get ready for a vibrant celebration with our Green Platinum and Green/Silver balloon sets. High-quality balloons and easy setup. Perfect for any event!

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Party Event Decorative Latex Balloon Set | Petra Shops


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Introducing our Party Event Decorative Latex Balloon Set – the perfect addition to any celebration to create a fun and enchanting atmosphere. This delightful balloon chain set is designed to add a touch of magic to your party, making it an unforgettable event for you and your guests.


  • Material: Latex
  • Balloon Type: Decorative Balloons
  • Shape: round
  • Color: Green Platinum 134pcs, Green Silver 125pcs


  1. Colorful high-quality latex balloons in various bright shades, ensuring a stunning and amazing party look.
  2. Effortless setup with a special balloon chain system, allowing easy connection and arrangement of balloons in different patterns.
  3. Versatile use for any occasion, from birthdays and weddings to baby showers and corporate events, bringing joy to all gatherings.
  4. Eco-friendly and biodegradable latex balloons, ensuring guilt-free enjoyment of your decorations.


Green Platinum Set:

  • 30 x 5-inch White Balloons
  • 25 x 5-inch Metal Gold Balloons
  • 25 x 10-inch White Balloons
  • 20 x 10-inch Maca Powder Balloons
  • 30 x 12-inch Metal Gold Balloons
  • 2 x 18-inch White Balloons
  • 1 Roll of 5-meter Balloon Chain
  • 1 Roll of 100 Dispensing Points

Green and Silver Set:

  • 30 x 5-inch White Balloons
  • 20 x 10-inch Metal Silver Balloons
  • 50 x 10-inch White Balloons
  • 20 x 10-inch Maca Powder Balloons
  • 3 x 18-inch White Balloons
  • 1 Roll of 5-meter Balloon Chain
  • 1 Roll of 100 Glue Points

Make your celebration unforgettable with our Party Event Decorative Latex Balloon Set .

Party Event Decorative Latex Balloon Set | Petra Shops

Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 30 cm

Green Platinum 134pcs, Green Silver 125pcs

7 reviews for Party Event Decorative Latex Balloon Chain Set

    Savvy Shopper
    March 16, 2022
    This garland kit was easy to use even for a first-time crafter like myself. It includes plenty of balloons for the entire length of the balloon tape. We used an electric balloon inflater (a must-have, honestly). The one caution I present is that the confetti balloons are more fragile than standard latex balloons, and they do not do well outdoors. We started with ten and had four left by the end of the day. (On the other hand, a spontaneous flurry of confetti at the moment you yell, “Happy Birthday” couldn’t have been scripted better.) The four confetti balloons we have left clouded up in the heat, and we can hardly see the confetti. We used command hooks and white curling ribbon to secure to the walls. I recommend inflating and assembling a few hours before the event. It was a fun project with my 8yo daughter and a beautiful backdrop for one-year-old pictures.
    December 12, 2021
    I loved the garland. It was a great value too, made my party look so expensive and extra. It took awhile to blow up 100+ balloons but I had 3 people helping me and it certainly helped! We blew them up on a Saturday and the party was on Sunday.Tip: Make sure your ceilings aren’t low or else you’ll lose balloons. I had to relocate where I originally wanted the balloon arch bc of this.We lost a few balloons, they popped but that’s to be expected.The hand knot tie plastic piece that was included was neat but we didn’t use it since there’s a learning curve.It’s been for almost a week and the arch is still up and still looks amazing. You could blow them up a day or more in advance.I would absolutely buy again. 
    November 6, 2021
    This pack had all the basics I needed for the balloon arch for my friends baby shower. I was weary about ordering it bc there aren’t any reviews but it was perfect! It comes with the white and gold balloons and they’re really sturdy. Plus all the other pieces. The 16ft piece you attach the balloons to is SO MUCH EASIER than the other arch kits where you have to tie the balloons together and then thread a string through. All you do for this one is thread the end of the balloons through the holes and go. It took about 2.5 hours TOTAL. As you can see I added navy blue balloons and the fake flowers. It was easy to hang with the string included in the pack. My only advice, order an automatic pump. It’s a life saver and totally worth it. Trust me! 
    Chris NguyenChris Nguyen
    July 1, 2021
    I had my doubt on whether or not this product will really deliver. Well, it definitely did! A balloon arch in my city can easily costs around $200-500 if ordered through a party company. I spent $20.99, mind you-- like 21 bucks for this DIY kit and it looked like SO SO AMAZING. I was able to add little touch-ups like leave twines and isolated leaves to bedazzle my arch. Now I will say, it is time consuming blowing up the balloons. I got a $1 balloon pump from Dollar General and I started my balloon journey I would say 2 days before my party. The day before the party is when I completed the entire arch, which took approximately 3-4 hrs. The balloons held up well the next day and it stayed in place throughout my 5 hr party. There are also plenty of extra white balloons (100 to start with) in case you have to do any touch-ups. One warning though, the clear balloon with the confetti is thinner than the other balloons so really under fill it with air to avoid it popping and leaving confetti everywhere! (one happened to me). Overall, this is a GREAT BUY, and I can't say enough good things about this kit. 
    Caitlin M.Caitlin M.
    June 12, 2021
    Great quality balloons. It was definitely easy to put together, but was just very time consuming. I would recommend purchasing a pump for the amount of balloons that need to be blown up, which I did by mouth. Also, I would recommend using air, not helium, in these balloons. The garland lasted a WEEK without any balloons loosing their air. I only ended up using about half of the balloons provided - I definitely could have added more and filled in some spaces with smaller balloons, but I still think it came out great. I kept the plastic garland strip because it is definitely reusable and I will use this again with the second half of the balloons I saved. Super impressed. 
    Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
    June 6, 2021
    We bought this balloon garland kit for my SIL's baby shower and it was SO adorable. The room we had to work with was not cute, but with the help of this garland and a few other decorations it really helped transform the room!It turned out really big and we didn't even use any of the largest balloons in the kit. The whole thing was really easy to put together- the most time consuming part was just inflating the balloons which is to be expected. We bought some greenery from a local farmers market and it thread easily through the holes in the plastic "tape" that is included for assembling everything.I looked into buying all of the pieces separately and this was definitely the better deal. Would highly recommend and maybe even purchase again for a cuter space ;) 
    G. LevesqueG. Levesque
    May 24, 2021
    This picture does this kit NO justice. Our balloon decor made my whole backyard look festive. It was fun to make and super easy and the kit had quality materials. I did purchase a balloon inflator on Amazon for about $15 to help. That was a must. We put it all together the day before the party and kept it indoors. Day of the party we hung it up and made final adjustments. (After about 5 hours of hanging outside, the balloons will loose their shine and get a hazy look, so don’t hang it too early. I think all balloons do that.) I added greenery from the craft store, and moved a few balloons around. They are easy to pull out and put back in with the strip with holes in the kit. Making some of the balloons small helped add variety in the look. We extended the ends with the string provided to make ours about 25 feet long. Caution: when your event is over, carefully deflate the confetti balloons. If they pop on their own, they spray confetti all over! I will defiantly do this project again. It was so fun to make! 
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