Non-Slip PE Cutting Board

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This cutting board is designed for every job imaginable from carving meat and butchering to slicing up watermelons.

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Non-Slip PE Cutting Board


This cutting board is designed for every job imaginable from carving meat and butchering to slicing up watermelons. Stop squeezing your way around the board and shuffling things around when you can just chop and finish your prep work all at once! Ready for use in food service, our plastic is made from tough high density polyethylene that can withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen.


  • Material: PE (low density polyethylene resin)
  • Size: 33*23*1.8cm yellow
    • 36*26*1.8cm yellow
    • 40*30*1.8cm yellow
    • 38*28*2cm yellow
    • 38*28*2cm white
    • 50*34.5*1.5cm yellow
    •  50* 34.5*1.5cm white


Additional information
Weight 2.91 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 9.84 × 0.78 cm

White, Yellow


36X26cm, 28X38cm, 33X23cm, 40X30cm

Reviews ( 6 )

6 reviews for Non-Slip PE Cutting Board

    Roderick M Creed
    January 22, 2022
    These aren't my go to for large cutting projects but they're easy to store and clean so I grab them often for a lime or lemon, slicing bread, cutting cooked meat, chopping some veggies for a sandwich, etc...They aren't the fastest material for chopping and they're not quite thick enough for repeated slicing with a sharp knife before the board gets cut marks.The little designs are cute but I never actually separated them out for those uses.Easy to clean with soapy water, you could put them in the dishwasher but a soapy rag cleans it instantly.The no slip pattern on the bottom is sufficient enough.Flexibility is nice and I use these a lot to pour stuff into my stand mixer.
    January 14, 2022
    These are a great solution to the fuzzy, heavy plastic cutting board I was using! I have tried wood cutting boards and even when following care instructions I have found them all crack. I have tried the glass cutting boards and they are slippery, the loud clinking sound of the knives chopping against the glass is terribly noisy, and there's always concern that they're going to break when using them, or washing them, if they slip through sudsy fingers! These cutting mats however are superb. I appreciate the grip underneath that hold the mats firmly in place, preventing them from sliding on my counter. The light weight and flexibility make transferring the prepared food to pans or dishes so much easier, and when you're all done chopping and slicing, these are much easier to wash and take up a lot less space in your kitchen. Very pleased! I will throw all other cutting boards away in place of these, and I am likely to give these as gifts this year for Christmas!
    January 12, 2022
    I use these plastic sheets for art-related and other work, and not food preparation. I can cut small pieces of clay on them, cut cardboard with a mat knife, and use them as a protective surface for painting small objects on. I also use them as surfaces for drying objects on. They are sturdy, can easily be cleaned, and resist cutting by blades and knives. I can also cut them with scissors into pieces of different sizes. I used some of these smaller pieces under the feet of a piece of furniture to slide it over a smooth floor into a different position. These sheets last a long time, even though very inexpensive. Shipping was also quick. I will buy more as needed.
    Natalie Nicole
    January 12, 2022
    These are flimsy-not all that durable and definitely NOT sturdy. I purchased a tempered glass cutting board of the same dimensions to use with these and together they work beautifully. I would NEVER consider using these on a table or countertop all alone.
    January 6, 2022
    I've gone through many sets of this type of cutting board -- all have lasted for a few years until they get too cut up and need replacing and I'm sure these will be the same. The only reason I gave this product 4 stars is they listing specifically said they were non-slip (some I've had over the years were and some not) but they are not. The listing did say they might slight a bit on on shiny surfaces. My countertop is a matte-finish vinyl but they slip. I can't find any surface in my house where they do not slip. But they are good for my needs. When I have serious cutting do, I pull out one of my bamboo cutting boards.
    January 1, 2022
    I’ve wanted these type of cutting boards for awhile.I finally bought some! Personally I’d be fine if they had ones for just chicken, beef, fruits and veggies. These go above and beyond lol.They aren’t that durable, but they also aren’t dollar store cheap either. They have none slip backing which is awesome! Super easy to wash and throw in your dishwasher. Just knocked it down a star because I managed to cut through one. I’m not crazy with the knife either, they just aren’t very tough.
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