Multi-Purpose Grinding mashed colander

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Versatile and efficient, the Grinding Mashed Colander is your all-in-one kitchen companion. Cook, drain, grind, and more with ease. Simplify your cooking tasks now!

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Multi-Purpose Grinding Mashed Colander | Petra Shops


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Enhance your culinary experience with the innovative and Multi-Purpose Grinding Mashed Colander. This all in one kitchen tool is crafted from high quality food grade plastic, ensuring both durability and safety for all your cooking needs.


  1. Multi-Functional Design: This versatile spoon can be used for cooking, draining and grinding  your kitchen tasks.
  2. Handles the heat: With high temperature resistance, it’s safe for various cooking methods, like stirring sauces or serving hot dishes.
  3. Easy grinding: Its special ridges help you grind and mash ingredients effortlessly, without hurting your hands.
  4. Quick stirring: The spoon’s hollow middle lets you stir quickly and blend your dishes perfectly.
  5. Comfortable grip: Designed with your comfort in mind, its ergonomic handle makes it an efficient kitchen companion.
  6. Easy to Clean: The Multi-Purpose Grinding Mashed Colander is a breeze to clean! Its smooth surface and dishwasher safe material ensure effortless maintenance, saving you time and effort in the kitchen


  • Product Category: Cooking Spoon
  • Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Colors Available: Red, Black


  • 1 Creative Multi-Function Cooking Spoon

So, say goodbye to kitchen clutter and make your cooking tasks easier with the Multi-Purpose Grinding Mashed Colander. Get ready to enjoy delicious meals with this innovative, user friendly tool by your side!

Multi-Purpose Grinding Mashed Colander Dimensions

Multi-Purpose Grinding Mashed Colander | Petra Shops
Multi-Function Colander

Versatile Kitchen Tool | Petra ShopsGrind and Drain Colander | Petra ShopsCooking Spoon Alternative | Petra Shops

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 72 × 72 × 400 cm

Set, Black 2pcs, Red 2pcs, Black 3pcs, Red 3pcs, 2pcs black and 1pcs red, 2pcs red and 1pc black, Red, Black

8 reviews for Multi-Purpose Grinding mashed colander

    Kayce McCarty
    February 22, 2022
    I love this thing! It is quite sturdy and has no issues holding lots of ravioli, tortellini, or any other shaped pasta. One note, it does not do well with long spaghetti. It is also great for grabbing veggies out when I blanch them in water or chicken breasts I have poached.I was injured in an automobile accident and my hands are not in great condition. This has made having to use tongs for some things no longer necessary. It has also - almost totally - made lifting heavy pots full of liquid, unnecessary. Cooking is therapy for me; and, to find any tools which make it easier for me, is fantastic!I highly recommend this scoop to anyone needing a little help in the kitchen, or who just wants to not have to pull out strainers all of the time. One thing I do wish the manufacturer would do is to offer it in other colors. Beyond that, no reservations of any kind.
    January 13, 2022
    This is great for scooping bones out of homemade stock, pasta out of water, etc. without having to try to pour a giant pot of boiling liquid and solids into a colander. Another use I discovered is to rinse canned beans or drain canned veggies without the harder-to-clean net-based type strainer or the big colander. A standard size can's contents just fit. You can use it to rinse a serving of berries, too. It's lightweight and very easy to clean. It is very large and very tall, but that is exactly WHY it is so helpful. Look at the measurements and decide if you have a place for it, like a utensil jar, because it is not going to fit in most drawers. The flat edge makes it so much easier to use than the usual rounded strainers. It's a truly excellent design!
    K. McNett
    January 2, 2022
    I bought 3 of these to exchange at a "favorite things" party at Christmas time. I own a generic version of this strainer scoop and I LOVE IT. I use it often for straining shredded meat cooked in its own juices, to scoop out pasta, for frozen vegetables, all kinds of stuff!!The ladies joked when they first saw it that it looks like a kitty litter scoop. Ok it kinda does but don't be fooled- it is a super handy tool! You'll be grateful you bought it! The Joseph Joseph brand scoop is made of thick, sturdy plastic. It has small bumps on the back to help it rest on the edge of a pot, my generic version does not. I wish I had that feature!A popular direct selling company sells a draining and scooping tool like this for almost three times as much. Get the Joseph Joseph version! You'll be glad you did.
    June 23, 2021
    I don’t usually fall for kitchen gadgets. After feeling frustrated at how inefficient my old slotted kitchen spoon is, and how I hated dirtying my big colander to drain small quantities, I discovered this scoop. Not too big; not too small; just right. My only “warning” is that it’s plastic so probably won’t take a lot of abuse, especially in “hot grease world.” But, for stove top tasks involving, say, scooping pasta, veggies, it’s a winner. Plus, it takes up much less room in the dishwasher. High function in a small package. Recommend!
    by Justineby Justine
    May 19, 2021
    Huge food strainer/spatula/scooper! It's my go to item in the kitchen now. The plastic is thick and durable and heat resistant. You can sit it on your pot/pan without it slipping back into the pan. Great for pasta, frying, scooping out of a crockpot or instant pot. I posted photos of the depth and comparison of the scooper to a regular size teaspoon. Please let me know if my pictures and review helped you. Happy amazon shopping.  
    April 29, 2021
    I know, I know: “ma’am, this is a cooking utensil.”Look, I’ve no doubt it would work wonders for that (as long as the pot or pan you’re using it with is large, because this thing is huge), but I’ll be honest. I already have several types of utensils for that purpose that work well.For litter, though … this is it. There’s a reason it would occasionally pop up in the search results when looking specifically for a “cat litter scooper” lol.It has smaller holes that works well with the litter I have (PrettyLitter) — makes clean up a lot easier. A of the standard litter now is made a finer/smaller compared to how it used to be, and this makes sifting and getting the tinier clumps a breeze. No more going back in to get that one small bit that keeps falling through the scooper. Plus, the size is great for it, and it is just as sturdy as the metal ones that cost up to 20-some bucks, but at ~1/4 the price.So, if you’re in the market for a scooper for *that* purpose, try this.
    April 4, 2021
    I recently moved to a small home after many years in an enormous house with an enormous kitchen. I am redoing my new tiny kitchen with smaller everything. I needed a strainer that would be good in small-sized pots but still large enough to drain a good amount of food. I ordered this wonderful spoon/colandar/scoop hoping it would be just the right size and it is! It does exactly what I need. It washes in a second and tucks nicely into the drawer. It is very easy to handle. I love it!
    Amazon Customer
    April 1, 2021
    I originally bought this tool for my aunt who has arthritis and has trouble lifting a full pot to drain it in a traditional colander but I quickly realized how beneficial this is for really anyone. Sometimes you don’t want to do all that lugging, other times you only want to take a portion out at a time out to drop something directly onto a plate or into a sauce. It’s very handy, I like it a lot.
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