Low Noise Pet Hair Clippers

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Dog clippers kit lets you groom your dog at home, without all the anxiety-inducing noise of a salon. Excellent, quiet-running pet clippers cut without pulling at the hair coat, so your dog always has a safe and happy experience.

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Low Noise Pet Hair Clippers



Dog clippers kit lets you groom your dog at home, without all the anxiety-inducing noise of a salon. Excellent, quiet-running pet clippers cut without pulling at the hair coat, so your dog always has a safe and happy experience.

The dog clipper’s noise when working is only about 50 db,ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the grooming process. It will help your pet feel at ease, not afraid of cutting hair any more.


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6 reviews for Low Noise Pet Hair Clippers

    February 22, 2022
    I don't normally post 5-star reviews and long descriptions but these clippers are actually AMAZING. Folks, my cat was severely (and I mean SEVERELY) matted. I kept planning on bringing him in to the groomer's but hadn't gotten around to making an appointment yet. So I bit the bullet and bought these shaver clippers. The whole process was actually quite easy from buying the clippers to actually using them. Because of his hair being so matted, I didn't use a guard. It was like shearing a sheep! I came away without a scratch and with a really pretty, happy kitty to boot. He was pissed at me for a little bit (I got the stare-down) but in the end it was all worth it. The clippers did the entire job on one charge and now we've got a semi-hairless matt-free, 4 lbs lighter (formerly known as our Maine-coon) kitty running around the neighborhood *AND* it cost way less than getting him professionally groomed. Even if they only worked once, it was well worth the purchase. I'll use them again when his hair is about four inches long. So, all kidding aside, if you need a banging set of pet clippers, buy these. And no, I wasn't paid for this review and didn't get this product for a discounted price.
    January 11, 2022
    These clippers are AMAZING! My dog is a Morkie ( Yorkshire terrier/ Maltese ). His hair is really fine and resembles human like hair. Every clipper we have used will NOT cut. But these, they cut like nothing. We didn’t even need the guards on it. I would highly suggest these if you are tired of taking your dog to a groomer and spending $60 or more. These also cut through the Matting that my dog had. I’ve seen reviews on this product saying they didn’t work or couldn’t cut their dogs fur but if you have a dog like mine where the hair is fine or human like, these are definitely the ones for you. The scissors are extremely sharp so be carful. 
    Ashley Sauls
    July 1, 2021
    Now, I was a Surgical Tech at a Spay & Neuter Clinic for a couple of years and before that worked at an Animal Hospital. So I know what brands out there are the absolute best and cant tell you how many times I have used clippers to prepare for surgery or what have you. I have a Persian/Himalayan Cat so that means LOTS of hair.I was struggling with the idea of having to actually buy those $100+ clippers since leaving the Vet world. I came across all these wonderful reviews about these clippers and for the price?I decided to give it a shot because again it IS still cheaper than taking her to get groomed. I was worried that they may catch and not work enough for how much hair my cat had, um NO, I was WRONG, they worked PERFECT! I may of had to go over the same spot one more time to get the full shave but the clippers didnt get hot for a good 10-15 min. and that right there is a MIRACLE! I gave my kitty girl a break and went back over some areas on her a few hours later and yet again they worked PERFECT! and the noise? What noise? Barley there and my girl was able to remain calm and even enjoy it! THANK GOD I came across these!!!!! Thank you thank you!!! and if they ever go out, Ill just buy another set because its STILL CHEAPER no matter what! OH AND to top it all off, you get so many attachments and scissors & brush made out of the most sturdy Metal! I was Shocked!!
    Chickey’s Corner
    June 1, 2021
    As someone who has tried and failed, in the past, to trim both my larger dog and smaller dog, I speak fromexperience when I say, forget it, let's go to the groomers. And there are times when I will bring them in BUT....This wonderful tool, the Onesail Dog Shaver Clippers make it far easier to do and the results were very good.Not perfect, but I think I learned a few things and will do even better next time.There are some very detailed YouTube videos out there to show you how.The set is very nicely packaged, comes with the Cordless Shaver, which is very easy to hold in handand super quiet and not as vibrating as other shavers. My little Shih Tzu does not like anything toonoisy or vibrating. It has a dial on it to switch from different shaving lengths, which makes it soeasy to change up if necessary, without having to change the blade. It also comes with 4 different sizeblades if needed. It came with a beautiful pair of scissors, nice weight and sharp. Excellent for detailingthe paws and tail and face and ears. The comb is long and strong and very useful. It also came with a smallbrush to clean the blades off and a small vial of blade oil and of course the charger.I could not be happier with this product. It exceeded all expectations and the price was right.I got it in two days and have used it 3x since. Bravo! I would highly recommend this shaver.
    Jackie DixonJackie Dixon
    April 29, 2021
    My cat had horrible mats on her entire body. I was told by several people that only a vet would be able to shave her. So I ordered the Oneisall. It was so quiet the noise didn’t bother her and I was able to easily shave off all of the mats without hurting her. I did it quickly so she doesn’t look the best but it does make a very even shave. Best product!!!! 
    April 4, 2021
    I LOVE this clipper. First of all, I have never owned a dog that needed haircuts. But we wanted Goldendoodles that don't shed, so they need to be trimmed. We have two pups and they were 4 months old when we used these clippers for the first time. To take two dogs to the groomers just gets way too expensive, so I decided to be brave and try it myself. How hard could it be? The YouTube videos make it look easy. Truth be told - it's not that easy, especially with wiggly puppies.I rigged up a "station" in our garage including a little harness for their underbelly so they would stay standing. I needed my husband's help to keep the boys entertained with treats while I did the clipping.Okay - to the product. These clippers are SUPER quiet. The dogs never flinched when I turned it on. The attachments are easy to get on and off. I used the 9mm attachment for the first haircut which is what you see in the pictures I provided. I also liked the ability to adjust the clippers on the body of the unit to make very close cuts (without nicking the skin) for the underbelly and rear end area.It comes with a little brush to help clean the blade. It also came with a very nice, sharp scissors to trim around the face or touch up the places I missed with the clippers. It also came with a comb that works great to help pull mats out of the coat.I'm really happy with this product and would highly recommend it. 
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