Fruit Shape Tough Chew Toys for Dogs?

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Unique fruit shape with hollow seductive flavor and real texture surface, can attract the dog to chew and play.

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Fruit Shape Tough Chew Toys for Dogs 


Unique fruit shape with hollow seductive flavor and real texture surface, can attract the dog to chew and play. It also can be a funny toy for dogs to play by themselves if you’d like to put snacks inside and make squeaky sounds to attract them, great dog toy for boredom. Non-toxic and designed to help clean dog’s teeth to freshen breath, stimulate gums and reduce tartar and plaque buildup as your dog plays and chews away. Made from extremely durable bite-resistant natural rubber to withstand even the most aggressive of chewers. 


Weight 015-0.81 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3.54 × 3.54 cm

Gold Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Green


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8 reviews for Fruit Shape Tough Chew Toys for Dogs?

    SoCal Guy
    March 5, 2022
    We have two Ausie Cattle Dogs and they love this toy. They chew up most other toys and they haven't made a dent in this one.It makes a crunching noise like a plastic bottle which keeps them interested but isn't loud like a squeeker which will drive you crazy. They have a durable squeeker toy that we have to put away after a few minutes for our sanity, but this toy can stay on the floor.Thinking about getting a second one so they can play with their own, but it is actually fun having them steel it from each other 😁
    January 17, 2022
    My dog can tear ANYTHING to shreds. I honestly thought this would last maybe a day or two. But it looks exactly the same has the day he opened it. ( if that changes I will update ) It also does make the “ cracking” noice that he enjoys from a water bottle. So he really is loving the 🍍pineapple. 
    Betsy LaaksoBetsy Laakso
    January 2, 2022
    Couldn’t recommend more! My dog gets a modified Super Chewer box because he is such a chewer (pittbull puppy) and he hasn’t ripped this up yet. You can add a few or many treats.One note, it comes with some kind of hard plastic inside. I don’t know if it is intended to make noise or what, but after a few hours he had it mashed up inside. I took needle nose pliers and tugged it out. Not easy, but much better to add treats into now. 
    July 1, 2021
    It survived my pitbull mix who has thrashed other stuffed toys in 2 seconds. She has also made mince meat out of ox horns and raw hides. This has cleaned the tartar of her teeth nicely. Only thing is that she is getting into the greet leaf stem area and it is about to be taken off soon. I figure it was worth getting the Tatar off and call it dead if she breaks the too off of it and it will be worth the $ at that point. This is going on week 2 of this thing.
    June 6, 2021
    I bought this toy because my dog is very aggressive toward his toys. This looked like a great option for him and the shape was something different from other dog toys. That said this toy has lasted longer than many of his others. The instructions recommend owners should cut the rubbery top off if their dog will chew it off. By the time I had read the small amount of information, my dog had started ripping off pieces of the top. So, I went ahead and cut off the top and he is still interested in it. Additionally, you can stick treats inside and they will rattle around. Plus, you can apply peanut butter to the outside holes and let your doggo lick them up. This toy was a great buy that is lasting longer and has many different applications. I would recommend for heavy chewers.
    May 27, 2021
    So my 60lb dog LOVES this crazy pineapple. It even smells like pineapple. She has not put the toy down since she got it. I traded it from her for a piece of turkey long enough to put some treats inside the squeaky plastic. It's been a couple of hours and she is still intent on trying to CROMPSH it down to stop the squeaky plastic and rattling treats inside it. Despite her hard work, it still has no signs of damage. I love seeing my dog so happy and engaged with her new toy. 
    May 19, 2021
    This is one of my girl’s favorite toys! She chews on it all the time and hasn’t hardly made a dent into it and she can chew up some toys! There’s a hard piece of plastic on the inside that sounds like a water bottle which is nice for dogs that like that sound, but mine doesn’t.Note:Last pic is about 2-3 months of usage and her chewing it daily! 
    phil s.phil s.
    May 5, 2021
    3rd new entry : she is still enjoying the pineapple. It doesn't make the cracking noise any longer but that's fine with me because it gets annoying after hrs of chewing lol. New entry: she has had 2 of these now since April 20th 2020, and just now today she was finally able to get a nice chunk off of it . 😂 She has worked HARD ON IT FOR HRS of the day for months. I even alternate the 2 so she don't have any weak spots to continue to work on . I have a feeling I might be buying a 3rd here real soon. Love them. 10-9-20 So far so good my dog left the first one so much about her second one for her birthday it just arrived today so I currently have to. The previous statements the testimonies are true to my knowledge because the toy seems to be indestructible for a heavy chewer but if they are smart they will choose the green leaf at the end and it is able to tear small parts of rubber off not very much though and once it's gone you're good the plastic on the inside that's broke from my dog chewing and playing on it so much so it doesn't make any more noise but technically it isn't ripped or broken so I'd feel bad sending it back so I just bought her another. 
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