Double Sides Pet Dog Fur Brush Comb Dog Cat Grooming Deshedding Trimmer Tool Pet Rake 12/23 Blades

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SKU: CJJZGJSD01776 Category:
– Weight: 143g
– Material: ABS
– Size: 85*25*180mm
– Color: Yellow&Black
– No-Scratch Round Teeth
– Sharp Inner Blade(Effortless Cut)
– Rounded Blade Tip(Safe for the Skin)
– Ergonomic Handle(Better Grip & Comfort)
– 23+12 Teeth Dual Sided Head(Cutting & Thinning All Tangles)
– No-Rust Stainless Steel Teeth are Durable and Easy-to-Clean
– Rest Assured Material(Not Allergic ,Not Rust,No Static Electricity)
– Double Sided Teeth -The Matt-Busting 12 by 23 Tooth Design Makes Quick Work of Tough Knots
– Comfort-Grip and Anti-Slip Handle Prevents Wrist Strain No Matter How Long You Comb Your Pet
-Keeps your pet feeling and looking great
-Our sharp,but safety edges cut through the toughest matted hair
-Grooms and messages for a healthy coat,increasing blood circulation effectively
-Designed to penetrate into the coat and will not damage or scratch your pet’s skin
-All in one comb! Great for Dogs ,Cats, Thick, Wiry, curly, long, medium or short hair
Package Included:
-1x Pet Dematting Comb rake 



Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 3.34 × 0.98 × 7 cm


7 reviews for Double Sides Pet Dog Fur Brush Comb Dog Cat Grooming Deshedding Trimmer Tool Pet Rake 12/23 Blades

    Phil cPhil c
    March 5, 2022
    I have several dogs but bought this for my medium length coat Shepherd/Lab mix. I have a slew of brushes. Some flat out don’t work. Some are not comfortable to use. Some of them, the dogs just don’t like. I thought, let’s try one more...hence the purchase of the Maxpro. So, the included picture is after having just brushed her with the Furminator 3 days earlier and the amount of fur removed was just from her throat and neck. It was very comfortable to hold/use. She didn’t pull away from it. And it was super easy to remove the fur from the blades after becoming full after several passes. She feels so much better without all that under fur as well. Hoping it really helps cut down on the fur in the house/car. 
    DC Delgado
    November 15, 2021
    Long hair, thick undercoat, suffering cat loves this brush. Used to spend $80 every 2 months to bathe and shave him in summer and winter cut styles but the car trip and the 3-hour appointment was so hard on him. Trying to groom him more often. Vomiting too many hairballs and having tufts of hair dangling from his mouth. Not to mention the quantity of fur to vacuum. This brush really does the trick for getting at the thick undercoat
    November 15, 2021
    This worked to get the top and undercoat as well as the furminator(? I think that's what it's called) and other brushes that I've used, except the hair is easier to remove. I was prepared to give this one a decent rating, even if it fell a bit short on getting the matted hair out, since it removed so much and got the knots out pretty good. Then, I remembered I kept reading people comment on short strokes. I didn't do it that way, because it seemed to me with long hair with mattes here and there (she's a long haired rescue who's hair suddenly knots up and dreads despite brushing it almost daily), that that would pull and hurt. Nope, instead of getting tired of it and me having to walk behind her still trying to brush, she actually laid on her back! I was able to do her stomach, as well. The short strokes (instincts are to brush through on the mattes to get them out, don't do that) worked the mattes away from her skin and they began to come out. I wouldn't do them all in one day, but I got out a bunch of tough knots and some of the mattes, already. Just short strokes going into the thick mattes til they're worked out, don't force them through.*No one gives me anything. I read a bunch of reviews and did Fakespot before finally buying one after looking at these a couple of times before.
    Kitty MommaKitty Momma
    June 23, 2021
    This big boy has a ton of hair and at 16 years old, he’s not the best self groomer. We’ve tried several cat brushes including the Furminator, and regularly use pet shears to shave some of his hair down, yet nothing really cuts through the mats. I end up having to trim him with scissors, which is a dangerous job (I’ve accidentally cut him). This tool makes it super easy and safe to remove mats as well as the thick undercoat where mats begin. I recently bathed and brushed this cat, and then went back over him with this brush. In 15 minutes, we had a cat-sized pile of hair. He purred the entire time. This brush was very gentle yet effective. I’d highly recommend it for any owners of long haired cats. 
    Julia HarmonJulia Harmon
    June 4, 2021
    The media could not be loaded.  Great for our cats and dogs. It takes out insane amounts of undercoat. The pets tolerate it ok but we have to do it in small sections or they don’t like it. 
    May 19, 2021
    I have finally found a a great grooming brush that my sweet beautiful black long haired cat doesn't find offensive to her.I have even been the human brush route and this little easy to hold brush gets all her undercoat, which is such a godsend when dealing with shedding. She is much happier when she's cooler..This particular company seems to really understand what works and what doesn't when grooming your family pet(s).The handle is non-slip and really gets down to the old and new hair growing underneath the top fur.I do however need to use extra care as to not pull through to quickly, for this little tool WILL get down to the skin and if there are any tangles..well then I know personally that will be the end of that when it comes to my cat..Yet there are no nicks, no cuts, just close to get the extra hair. Although it is wise to take great care for the blades are sharp and the blades are rounded nice so the sharp edges are inside the the curve..this is like having a nice little massage at the same time..This is a fantastic grooming tool..Thank You for understanding what works when coming to grooming my four legged family member.
    Donna Lein
    April 29, 2021
    Normally I wait a while before submitting a review, but, this is an amazing product. I thought my border terrier mix needed a haircut. Then I used the comb and was absolutely astonished at how much hair was coming off. The best part? She didn't fight me or try to get away. She even rolled onto her back so i could comb her belly! I highly recommend this product.
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