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Brand new, high quality, low price!
Sharp blade specially designed for pets
Plastic handle, easy to grasp

Product information:
Material: durable stainless steel blade, plastic handle
Size: 12cm*6cm
Weight: 36.00g

Package Contents:
1 x scissors

Additional information
Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 50 cm

Pink, White, Blue, Black blue, Grey, Green, Black

Reviews ( 9 )

9 reviews for Dog Nail Clipper Pet Nail Scissors

    Patricia D
    December 12, 2021
    These Professional Nail Scissors by Hertzko really did the job! Our family just got a new kitten for Christmas and he came with sharp baby nails! Our kitty doesn't intentionally use his claws but kittens are clumsy and their nails are like blades!I searched and decided to buy these Nail Scissors and I am glad I did! These nail scissors cut our little guys nails with ease. He never even knew we were cutting his claws. The cut was tear free and effortless. Now when our little guy is playing, he doesn't leave a trail of blood as he rakes his claws on our skin!All in all, I recommend these scissors. They were great on our kitten's nails and he wasn't traumatized buy the cut! This will make getting him used to having his nails cut that much easier!
    November 15, 2021
    The clippers looked small when I received them. I was afraid my fingers wouldn't fit but to my surprise they did comfortably. My dog took to them much better than other trimmers I have tried and he would squeal at every cut. He doesn't squeal or squirm with these. I highly recommend them especially for a sensitive Papion or any other sensitive pet. I would definitely get them again.
    Gary Skinner
    June 13, 2021
    100% great, sharp, no guards to mess with and clipped my pet bunnies nails with hardly any effort...Keep flour on hand if you miss to clot the blood...sad face.
    June 12, 2021
    We have a bunny and 4 guinea pigs and it seems like one of our pets always needs a nail trim. Previously, we had a larger clipper, but this one is soooooo much better! it is easy to maneuver and the blades are nice & sharp, making this job a breeze even on the most squirmy of our guinea pigs. I'm so glad I purchased this tool - should have gotten it years ago!
    May 24, 2021
    I have had dogs almost my entire life and never been able to cut their nails with most dog nail trimmers or sanders. This thing is fantastic! Easier to use, sharp, actually cuts the nail instead of ripping it. My very squirmy dogs were much more patient with this because it went so fast.10/10 This is probably the most useful product I've ever gotten on amazon.
    My Arabian HorseMy Arabian Horse
    May 24, 2021
    Small sharp scissors are great for my small rabbit and little dogs. I LIKE these because you are able to apply a small amount of pressure to the nail, and wait for your animals response to discomfort or pain before cutting. My small rabbit has to have nail trimmings and these nail trimmers were recommended, as I am able to rely on my pets response to the pressure on the area of the nail before cutting. This method and clippers allows me to trim my nails without cutting into a nerve and causing pain. The other types of clippers just cut the nail and with a lot of guess work, all you can do is hope for the best. With these scissors I can judge if I am cutting into a sensitive area of the nail and then adjust so I do not hurt my pet.
    Carol S. Faber
    April 1, 2021
    Cutting my guinea pigs nails are is not fun. I have gone through a number of clippers drawing blood in some cases. The difference either these clippers is the end of the clippers are bent at the end so that I can better see the nail. Less accidents.
    Amy H
    March 3, 2021
    I love these, or should I say my dog loves these? She hates having her nails done. Even with lots of treats, praise, and patience, it really freaks her out. I think her toes are especially sensitive, because I've never quicked her, but if you get anywhere near the quick, she screams. So I needed a really good pair of scissors that made it easy for me to take very small, precise cuts. The angled tip allows me to do it, and the blades are plenty sharp so I'm not crushing the nail. Once I had these, we could get through all four paws in one session without her pitching a fit. I will always get these for her...I don't want her to be scared of nail trims.
    Thrifty E.
    February 22, 2021
    These nail scissors are easy to handle and, unique to these scissors, they are angled. I have always used straight nail scissors on my cats, and sometimes it's difficult to position the scissors on a squirming feline. With these angled scissors, it is easier to safely position the scissors for a cut that won't intersect the vein running through the nail. My huge Maine Coon has very thick claws and these scissors cut effortlessly through them. She has, typical of her breed, very furry tufted toes and the angled blades made it easier to navigate to the safe part of the nail to cut.
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