Dog Car Safety Buckle

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Travel safely and in style with our Dog Car Safety Buckle. Adjustable and secure, perfect for all dogs during car rides.

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Introducing our versatile and stylish Dog Car Safety Buckle available in a wide range of color options to suit your preferences and your furry friend’s personality. This product is designed to keep your beloved canine companion safe and secure during car rides, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for both of you.


  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Dark Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Orange Black + Pink
  • Black + Orange
  • Black + Orange Yellow
  • Black + Dark Blue
  • Black + Green
  • Black + Red
  • Black + Black
  • Black + Sky Blue
  • Black + Gray


  • Black Retractable
  • Pink Retractable
  • Gray Retractable
  • Blue Retractable
  • Green Retractable


  • Keeps your dog safe in the car.
  • Made of strong nylon material.
  • Adjustable to fit different dog sizes.
  • Securely buckles into your car’s seat belt.
  • Swivel clip prevents tangling.
  • Soft and comfortable for your pet.
  • Works with car rides, carriers, or harnesses.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes in various color options.
  • Retractable option available for more flexibility.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

NOTE: Please note that the “Retractable” option provides even more flexibility, allowing your pet to move around within a designated range while still being securely attached.

Ensure your dog’s safety and comfort during every car ride with our Dog Car Safety Buckle!


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 30 cm

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Reviews ( 8 )

8 reviews for Dog Car Safety Buckle

    Amazon Customer
    March 16, 2022
    I am a runner and I have a very high energy dog who loves to run with me! We even are running our first 10k race together soon. I wear a running belt which I put my phone in and I have been just looping his regular dog leash to my running belt but decided to try an actual belt/leash for him. I ordered the best 3 hands free leashes I could find on amazon, one was $17, one was $26 and this one was $10. I went on a run around our neighborhood with all 3 and this one was easily the best! I love the belt and how it fit around my waist and was easily adjustable compared to the other ones I ordered. I thought the leash part was going to be a little too short for him but it actually was the perfect length and had the like retractable part helped if he pulled to not like yank him, it had some slack and something I realized with the longer ones is that when he slows down and runs beside me, he can easily trip up on the excess leash so this length was perfect even when he wants to slow down and run right next to me. The only thing it doesn’t have that the other ones had was a little attachment for dog poop bags, which I probably wouldn’t want shaking and dangling on the belt while I ran anyway but ill have to stuff a bag in my waist band or running shorts pocket instead which isn’t too big of a deal. Def recommend for a hands free option for walking, hiking and definitely running!
    March 5, 2022
    I’ve been buying these for a couple of years to extend my dogs leash from him damaging his leash because he likes to hold it and it adds light to late or early morning walks. The passes few I ordered seemed to be defected because it’s hard to turn I. And off. Last a couple of months before the battery starts to die. Love this product please come out with more colors black extenders will be nice more for boy dogs
    Ray R
    February 25, 2022
    Just got this today (hands free waist leash) I am already very impressed right off the bat. This has a padded waist band, a (non padded) handle on both ends of the leash, elastic that looks like it will last (dog under 30lb).I was thinking it would be a temporary fix for me and for $10 I was willing to try it. Now that I see it, I think it may last a while. It may be a great deal! Metal pieces all seem sturdy, sown in well.I will update this review in six months, or if something note-worthy happens before then.
    Pam in Minnesota
    November 8, 2021
    Our 13 lb. Norwich Terrier is short-legged and thick around the neck. It feels too heavy and too long to just attach between leash and harness as pictures show. I suppose if we cinch up on the leash it would be fine. But our walks are mostly stop and go with some slack in the leash so it drags on the ground.After dark when I let her out into the yard I attach this lighted strap around her neck like a very loose secondary collar. Clipped to the regular collar it won’t come off over her head and I know exactly where she is in the yard. Works well for our purposes.
    L. Ann
    July 1, 2021
    I have 3 dogs, 2 are huskies that pull. I put this around my waste for the added support and it really helps. I also really like that both sides of the leash part have a handle. So there is no right or wrong way. In a hurry with a hyper husky that is an amazing feature. It is easily adjustable. We got bright green so we can see it. The bungee has enough give and doesn’t seem stiff. Really just a great product abs very helpful. I would definitely buy again.
    Connie C
    July 1, 2021
    LOVE this leash! My dog is very strong and it is nice that if he tries to chase something I don’t have to be concerned about him pulling his leash out of my hand. It’s also helpful in the snowy and icy weather so if I fall I don’t drop his leash and my hands are free. His groomer loved it when she saw it and is now telling other customers about it and his trainer thought it was a fabulous idea. I purchased a second one to keep in the car.
    Breeanna Marion
    June 22, 2021
    I have a 75 pound husky who pulls like there is no tomorrow. Previously we had the Kurgo brand belt that we bought at the pet store for triple the price of this one. It was okay, but it didn't come with a leash so we used our normal leash that clipped into the belt. That belt ended up completely snapping apart due to the force of his pulls. It always hurt my waist/hips when he would pull, but I thought that was the price to pay for a loving a sled dog. But I got this belt and was amazed! It is super durable, which I was worried about because it is so thin. But the best part is the bungee leash attached to it. It absorbs so much of the shock I can barely feel it when my dog pulls. I highly recommend this belt if you have a dog who likes to pull! The one complaint I have is that the part that goes around your waist is smaller than the other belt that I had, but it still fits. Just check your measurements before buying!
    Jane c
    May 13, 2021
    This item exceeded my expectations. I ordered another pet leash thinking I could use only the bungee on this and then use the other belt since it looked thicker. No this one was perfect. It is sturdy and it has enough padding that I don’t really feel it digging into me any more when the dog pulls. My dog is a jerk when we walk. Only down side is the handles. It’s harder to get my hand into them when I have to pull my dog close. They are so hard to open and slide my hand in. And that’s bad when I have to fight with my dog to keep her close to me when she sees something she wants to go after. I’ve started using a pinch collar and another leach. I use this one for back up in case she breaks her other one or when we run. I love this one so much though. If my dog wasn’t so insane it’s be perfect alone.
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