Dog and Cat Nylon Collar with Ribbon and Bell

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Dog and Cat Nylon Collar with Ribbon and Bell


This collar strap is made of soft nylon with smooth and tapered edges, so won’t make your pet feel uncomfortable. Adjustable puppy collar with non-breakaway closure buckle snaps together easily, also avoids being dropped off. Non breakaway dog/cat collar comes with a bowknot, makes your pet adorable and attractive; and a little tinkle bell, so you always know where they are.







Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 7.87 × 3.93 × 1.57 cm

Red, Rose Red, Sky Blue, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green

6 reviews for Dog and Cat Nylon Collar with Ribbon and Bell

    Ana BananaAna Banana
    March 3, 2022
    These collars are high quality, don't let the price fool you. They're constructed nice and neatly. The breakaway buckle is strong enough to stay on put does pull apart when tugged on. The bells didn't coordinate with the color of the strap but I expected that from other reviews. 
    January 11, 2022
    These tiny little kitten collars are all colors, with sweet little bells of different colors (because a kitten NEEDS a noisey warning right?) and the tiny little homeless foster kittens looked so darling they all got loving homes instantly! These collars are made well, with a safety catch and great bright colors. Highly recommend!! 
    Charity MannCharity Mann
    October 29, 2021
    This is the first time I bought from this company but would do so again. The collars are very sturdy and wellmade, but they will come unclasped if pulled hard enough. This is great because we are using them for our current litter of puppies and they tend to get themselves stuck at times. The collars have been on the babies for over 4 weeks and still have great color. Will definitely buy these again. 
    Cats Have Staff
    October 29, 2021
    As with every nylon collar I have ever purchased, these have a few sharp spots which must be dealt with before putting them on the animal. Trimming and/or melting (slightly) with a lighter smooths the sharp pointy spots.Because some customers received an off-white color I was hoping that the silvery gray color had been darkened in the pic and so it would show up on the screen. Unfortunately, the gray is gray.All of the colors are as shown. All of the plastic hardware matches the nylon collar’s color. As cute as the pointy kitten ears are on the buckle they are going to get nipped and sanded smooth. Our cats only wear collars when we travel so of course, the bells will be replaced w/ID tags. (Wearing a collar damages is their fur and they are all chipped and indoor only.)Would purchase again....still looking for one white cat collar bc our neighbor wants it for his kitty.
    June 23, 2021
    These collars are narrow, about 1/4 inch. They are well made. The clasp is adequate and performs as it should. The colors are a good mix and the bells are coordinated and fun but very small. I have spent a lot of money on cat collars, only to have the cats loose them outside. I wanted something inexpensive so that, in the event they are lost, I haven't lost a lot of money and have plenty of backup collars. So far I'm pleased with these. I would definitely purchase more of these collars when and if these go missing.
    S. Eliza
    March 16, 2021
    I almost called this review "purr-fect" but I could feel my kids' eyes rolling so I resisted. Anyway... It was cheaper to buy 12 than 2 so we got this set. We've used the two we needed and the others sit on a shelf. Until recently, the kittens looked too similar to tell apart at a glance so the collars' colors helped a lot. These are brightly colored, secure (but breakaway) collars with bells. Our home now jingles constantly - but that's the way we want it. We can usually tell when the kittens are getting into something they shouldn't.We've adjusted the size a couple times as they've grown. I don't know how big they'll end up being but there is still room and I suspect these will last well into adulthood.
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