Children’s U-shaped Mouth Toothbrush

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From ages 2 to 12, our U-shaped toothbrush with soft bristles and easy grip fosters oral health habits early. Fun designs make brushing a joy!

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Children's U-shaped Mouth Toothbrush


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Introducing the Children’s U-shaped Mouth Toothbrush – designed to be the perfect oral care companion for growing smiles aged 2 to 12 years old. Crafted from a combination of safe and durable materials, including Silicone and PP, this toothbrush is tailored to ensure a comfortable and effective brushing experience for your child’s changing dental needs.


  1. For Different Ages: This toothbrush comes in two sizes – one for 2 to 6-year-olds and another for 6 to 12-year-olds. The smaller size fits younger kids, while the larger one suits older ones. This way, it grows with your child.
  2. Soft Bristles: The Children’s U-shaped Mouth Toothbrush has gentle bristles that clean teeth and gums without hurting. They get rid of food bits and plaque to keep teeth healthy.
  3. Easy to Hold: The toothbrush handle is easy for kids to hold. It helps them brush on their own, making them feel grown-up.
  4. Cool Designs: The toothbrush comes in different colors and designs that kids will like. Brushing becomes more fun with these cool looks.
  5. Keeps Clean: Each toothbrush has a cover to keep the bristles clean when not in use, especially during travel or storage.



Give your child a healthy smile with the Children’s Toothbrush. It’s made for kids as they grow, with soft bristles and easy-to-use features. With this toothbrush, taking care of teeth is easy and enjoyable.

Children's U-shaped Mouth Toothbrush


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4 reviews for Children’s U-shaped Mouth Toothbrush

    May 24, 2021
    Not sure if it cleans better than a toothbrush. Easy for my 6-year-old to use on her own and now she doesn't mind brushing her teeth.
    May 5, 2021
    Easy to use, great solid item. I read allot of reviews AFTER, I purchased. The item does a fabulous job cleaning teeth. To some of the negative reviewers or people who read those reviews, the thing is auto brushing doesn't mean you do nothing.. You need to be sure it's securely on all the teeth and gum line, and then move the device slowly back and forth until the light and vibration lets you know it's complete. Time is cut down, kids enjoy using it, and the dreading to brush back teeth is no longer an issue. Also using flossers helps allot but I've noticed significantly less build up since we started using this 360 brush.
    Jason & Stefanie
    March 27, 2021
    My 5 year old hates brushing his teeth! I spend so much time brushing his teeth for him at night cause he doesn’t brush well and been looking into trying one of these for a long time. Most i found have been really pricey but it finally seemed an affordable price and piggies are our favorite animal so i knew he would love it. I def recommend the foam toothpaste for these otherwise you might waste a lot of toothpaste but this makes it incredibly simple for my son to brush his own teeth in the morning and then i do a more thorough job for him at night. This has really helped our morning routine and he thinks its fun.
    Leia Osborne
    March 16, 2021
    UPDATE AFTER OWNING FOR A FEW WEEKS!Do not buy, I regret spending money on this! Doesn’t scrub or actually clean the teeth. I had such high hopes to get a full (top, bottom,sides) clean with these but they really don’t do anything! Don’t waste your time or money!Original post...My kids love it. Still too early to tell how thorough it cleans their teeth. But I’m hopeful. My little one even brushed her teeth 3 times in one night. They HATED the foam toothpaste that was recommended for this though.
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