Child Safety Lock Prevents Children From Opening The Door

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Product information:

Material: ABS
Name: Security lock
Model: Child safety door handle lock
Scope of application: interior doors, bathroom doors, windows
Style: modern and simple
Color: White
Quantity: 6pcs

Packing list:

Security lock*6

Additional information
Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 30 cm




Reviews ( 6 )

6 reviews for Child Safety Lock Prevents Children From Opening The Door

    February 19, 2022
    The media could not be loaded.  I bought these to toddler-proof our new house. Our granddaughter arrives this evening and although she’s well-behaved, she’s not even two yet so we’ve taken every precaution we could think of. I think they’re going to work out great!! Now every single door in the house can close off a room without a big deal for an adult to quickly get in.
    Julie Ann
    February 17, 2022
    Oh yeah these things are AMAZING! I knocked off a star for the adhesive. Being as- it will peel the paint off the door. LOL but honesty is that so bad when it’s childproof? It means it works!!! Use heat like from a hair dyer or heat gun when you remove these to avoid that. I was able to take on off one door and move it to another because of the good adhesion! Definitely worth the price! These beat child gates any day of the week.
    Karen StrakbeinKaren Strakbein
    January 7, 2022
    I was concerned when I first got this that I would lock myself out. However, our door handles operate the door either up or down, so we installed them upside down, and they work like a charm. My 2 year old can’t open the door by pressing the handle down, but I can open it from either side by lifting the handle up. 
    October 27, 2021
      I was hoping to find something as easy as the covers that go over door knobs that you can only use one hand with. For door handles this was the best solution I was able to find. The parts are sturdy and the adhesive is more than strong enough. As long as you clean the surface first and make good contact these things are not coming off unless you pry them off. I did have to remove one to flip it over. It did not strip any paint off the door so that was another plus.They work really well. Our twins don't play with them and have stopped trying to open the doors altogether. The swinging arm clicks into place and is adjustable so you can find the right notch to ensure the handle can't be moved.I will share one recommendation that worked well for us. In the description and pictures, it recommends that you put the swinging arm on the bottom. I found this difficult to open with one hand because you have to come from under and reach up to squeeze the buttons. We flipped them so the swinging arms are on top. It's much more accessible that way. But the caveat is that if you mount them that way you have to lift up on the handle to open the door instead of pushing down on the handle like most people do. We didn't mind this and within a week were lifting up without even thinking about it. The other advantage is that our twins aren't yet tall enough to push the handle up to open the door. So we don't even have to lock these for now but it does prevent them from opening the door.
    April 25, 2021
    One of my cats can open doors all through the house. So it was getting rather annoying trying to find ways to keep my cats out of our pantry, or random places they didn't want to be. We started looking into child proofing our apartment, and we don't even have children. Just demon fur babies.Anyway, we ordered these and they are amazing!! At first I was worried that we were gonna accidentally lock ourselves out of our bedroom. Luckily, each item comes with an attachable top, so we just put them up without it. Love this product! I have 3 put up around the apt and they hold rather well. When I was first testing them out, I was able to pop it off and reattach it without any problems. As far as the other review stating how it takes off the paint, that I'm not so sure about. I guess I'll see whenever I move.Anyway, great product!! And the Image shown is product without its attachable piece (they came with it, but I just didn't use it)
    March 5, 2021
    My two year old is very crafty and has no issues figuring out how to bypass child safety items. Amazingly, he has not been able to open these! They were easy to put on the doors, and my husband and I have had no issues opening the doors whenever we need to get inside.
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