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Material: sponge, fabric and brush

Item type: Sponges, fabrics and brushes
Width of the article: 15cm
Length of the article: 24cm
Special Features: Other
Diameter of the article: 0inch

Type of material: Artificial Wool
Height of the article: 0inch

    • 1. This product is made of high-grade imitation wool and hand-finished.

      2, the surface is fine and delicate, decontamination is strong, does not hurt the car paint, it can remove the dust, stains, oil and so on of the car body.
      3, the glove mouth is equipped with an elastic sleeve, it is not easy to be dragged when wiping, more practical and more convenient, it is the best product for your car “DIY” operation.
      4, after use, just tap gently, dust, dust all fall.
      5, can be washed, naturally dry after cleaning, to avoid inconvenience in the next use. This product supports custom (style, size, color, plush length, elastic band quality is good or bad)

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 cm

Brown, Black1, Blue, Black

9 reviews for Car type soft hair car wash cleaning gloves car motorcycle car wash car care cleaning tools

    Alex khanhphane
    February 25, 2022
    Long fibers help bury particles that could otherwise damage paint.Soft foam layer in mitt also helps protect paint if too much pressure is appliedVery absorbent - suds for more than one panel if you chooseVery durable - many machine washes and I rub vigorously against grit guard and these are holding strong
    Trevor Ayers
    January 18, 2022
    I just bought another set of these mitts to dedicate to my car's paint. Some would cringe, but I was using the same pair on the paint and then wheels and tires. After which, I'd thoroughly wring out / clean and use again starting with the paint for the next car/wash. I know this is a bad practice to not have a dedicated set, but the fibers on these are so long I think they helped me get away with it to a great degree.My original pair is still going strong after a couple of years and I have confidence my latest pair will do the same.Pros:- Long fibers help bury particles that could otherwise damage paint (still, do be careful)- Soft foam layer in mitt also helps protect paint if too much pressure is applied- No thumb pocket to prevent you from flipping the mitt and covering more surface before re-soaking- Very absorbent - suds for more than one panel if you choose- Very durable - many machine washes and I rub vigorously against grit guard and these are holding strongConsNot a one, but the price will dance around by a couple of dollars so keep an eye out.
    ZZZ Accounting ZZZ Accounting
    January 14, 2022
    I JUST REALIZED how long I’ve had this! I went to hand wash mine AGAIN with warm water in my sink and I let it dry outside. I started thinking “I sure have had this a long time”... In a couple of months it will be 2019 and I bought it on Amazon in 2013. It also pays not only to keep your car clean, but to also take care of your car care products. It’s still like new. Seriously! I paid around $6 for it and I like that it’s not too thick to get my fingers into tight areas such as the grill or recessed areas. It also does NOT seem to WASTE product but still prolongs SUDS with a quality cleaner. STILL WINNING. 
    January 13, 2022
    The Meguiar's X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt makes washing vehicles easier than ever! Simply place the wash mitt on your hand, dunk it in a bucket of water and soap, and you are ready to wash your car!I have used several different microfiber wash mitts in the past but this one seems to hold up the best, long-term. This Meguiar's X3002 wash mitt is very soft, and features a thick black band which loosely tightens around your wrist to keep the mitt on your hand while in use, unlike regular microfiber towels which can slip or may need to be gripped tightly. Like most microfiber products, it is worth several times it's weight in water - literally!The white color of this wash mitt creates a win-lose situation...while it is great to be able to see exactly how much dirt and grime you are removing from your car, it can be painfully difficult to get fully clean and back to it's completely white color. This is especially true if you are using it on a very dirty vehicle, or if you happen to encounter staining substances, like brake dust or grease.In addition, the soft characteristics of this wash mitt make it such that the wash mitt will glide smoothly over your car's surface without scratching the paint, but may also force you to wash over very dirty surfaces several times to ensure that you were able to scrub enough to get it fully clean.I usually wash this mitt with all of my other microfiber products: hot water, and a mild detergent. I let this mitt air dry after washing and it is usually completely dry within 24 hours. If necessary, I will also tumble dry it on a very low heat setting, but usually this is not necessary as the mitt naturally dries quickly.Aside from the discoloring due to some very tough dirt, this Meguiar's X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt looks and works just like new, even after using it for several dozen car washes. For less than $5, I strongly recommend this product. 5/5 stars
    November 15, 2021
    I like this Mitt not only because it is soft and absorbent, but also with it being white you can see the dirt that you are picking up. I mention that this is a good mitt if used correctly, but that is for any mitt usually. You should always have a second bucket to just rinse off your mitt, or if you do not have another bucket, then just use your hose to rinse off the dirt. That is why this is a good mitt because you can actually see the dirt accumulating on the mitt. Also it is very absorbent so whenever you use one side you can flip it over and use the other side as long as it is clean as well. The only con I would say for this mitt is that it is a little loose. I have average sized male wrists and sometimes the mitt slips off and I can see it slipping off more frequently for people with smaller wrists.Overall, this is a great high quality mitt that shows the dirt so you know when to and if you need to clean off the mitt.
    June 23, 2021
    nI ordered this wash mitt for my boyfriend to wash his new black BMW 330i. This car is his absolute baby, so he doesn't take lightly which products he uses on it. While using it today, he said that it was "the softest wash mitt he had ever used," and it made his old one feel like garbage. (In it's defense, it was pretty old and worn.)To use it, we had one rinse water bucket and one soap bucket, as you should to properly wash a car. He washed the car with the soapy water one area at a time, then washed the mitt out in the plain rinse water bucket so as not to contaminate the clean soapy water with dirt. After getting the dirty gunk off the mitt, he took it back to the soapy bucket to pick up more suds. The mitt held suds VERY well. It did a fantastic job, in collaboration with his new car soap, to pick up all the gravel-road dust and grit off of the car without scratching the paint.I would definitely recommend this mitt to anyone that cares about their car and plans on thoroughly cleaning it.
    May 19, 2021
    Love this mitt and I must admit I'm surprised how much I do. I now more about detailing cars than I should, but I like researching it. I've tried all kinds of products from Zaino to Meguiar's and as a result also tried many different mitts. This one is my favorite, again, which sort of surprises me because at this price I wasn't really expecting much. I like it that it is white so it easy to pick out any artifacts that might have been picked up that needs to be pulled out. I also like it for the fact that the microfiber loops are extremely small. With so many other products there are big strands of it that can possibly get caught in little corners. However, the thing I like the most about this mitt, and I'm not sure why it has this property, is how it glides over the surface. I don't know why, but this mitt doesn't grab nearly as much as my other mitts. It just slides with ease. It is a nice feeling, but I also feel like I'm not apply much pressure at all when I'm washing the vehicle. That is a good thing because if you apply more pressure I would think you increase the risk of possibly running something across the surface that could result in a scratch.
    Robert B.
    May 13, 2021
    These mitts as part of the rest of the Mequiar's products I now use did an awesome job on my truck. I did plenty of research on how best to wash a car, which included learning the correct process and using right soap, clay bar, polish and wax. The truck came out unbelievable and although the mitt was a small part of the process it surely made a difference.How I review:When I review a product said product automatically starts with four stars as I rarely will purchase anything below four stars. I then add and/subtract stars based on certain criteria as listed below.1. If an item is exactly what I expected and nothing more it will receive a four star rating2. If an item surpasses my expectations it will gain a star3. If an item goes slightly below my expectations it will lose a star4. If the instructions for the product (if needed) are poorly written (hard to understand due to language issues or grammar) or just too hard to follow it will lose a star no matter if the product meets or exceed my expectations5. If a product is significantly below my expectations I will deduct two stars6. It will be rare that I would give a product one star since I buy mostly items that have a 4+ rating but in rare instances there may be a good reason that even a four star product gets a one star rating from me. It could be because of customer service issues from the company but whatever the case is I will clearly explain my reason for giving a product one star
    April 1, 2021
    I purchased a couple of these to replace some of my mitts from last year that were more of the "fluffy" type, with long strands coming off them, almost mop-like. I wasn't sure if I would like these shorter-strand mitts from Meguiar's, but after using one I'm convinced these are the way to go. There is a sponge inside that keeps water and suds, while the soft microfiber exterior gently removes dirt. The mitt is easy to control, with no floppy bits, which is important when cleaning the low parts of your car - you don't want any part of the mitt touching the ground. I'm very particular about my car and keeping it clean and these mitts pass my test with flying colors. I will definitely purchase these again.
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