Breathable Pet Dog Carrier Backpack

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With breathable ventilation mesh in three sides and head out design, not only ensure adequate airflow but also allow the dog to look out and observe the surrounding environment.

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Breathable Pet Dog Carrier Backpack


You can take your puppy out the door for hiking without leaving your best friend behind. Our backpack allows owners and their lovely puppies to have more adventures together. With breathable ventilation mesh in three sides and head out design, not only ensure adequate airflow but also allow the dog to look out and observe the surrounding environment. The reinforced design at the bottom of the backpack makes your dog more comfortable. What’s more, the excellent ventilation design makes your dog have a pleasant journey with you.


  • S: chest 23-26 “/ 60-66cm, length 17” / 43cm, neck 11-16 “/ 30-40cm, suitable for pets under 5kg
  • M: chest 27-30 “/ 70-76cm, length 20” / 50cm, neck 13-18 “/ 35-45cm, suitable for pets between 4-9 kg
  • L: chest 29-31 “/ 75-80cm, length 23” / 58cm, neck 15-20 “/ 40-50cm, suitable for pets between 8-18 kg
  • XL: chest 32-37 “/ 83-94cm, length 27” / 68cm, neck 18-25 “/ 48-63cm, suitable for pets between 16 ~ 30kg


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Weight 07-0.8 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 9.8 × 3.93 cm

Maroon, Blue, Black, Grey


S, XL, L, M

Reviews ( 6 )

6 reviews for Breathable Pet Dog Carrier Backpack

    January 19, 2022
    I love/hate this cat backpack. Sometimes the zipper splits. When I received it the zipper was split already, so I unzipped/zipped it back and it seems to be OK...that being said, I have two kittens I want to take for a walk, and if there’s a chance the zipper could split...kind of a stressful walk down the street.The backpack is cozy for two 3/4 LB kittens, but definitely meant for one kitty. Love how comfortable the backpack is and has two pockets on the sides for storage (water bottle/phone/keys/etc).I definitely don’t see myself using this long term because of the stress that it might break. I wish It was more sturdy, love the mesh material for Ventilation and viewing pleasure of my cats!
    January 17, 2022
    I looked at several backpacks and I’m glad I settled on this one!As far as comfort goes 10/10 my kitten really seems to like the fuzzy side of the bottom panel (you can flip it and it’s the smooth material like on the outside). The leash on the inside is a good length as well, also serves as a toy if not in use lol.Sturdiness, 9/10, it’s sturdy but if you unzip one side definitely becomes tad wonky but still relatively sturdy considering. The mesh material and outside material however 10/10 - my kitten scratches the material to stretch or try and get my attention and I have not seen any damage to the mesh or material (inside and out) from those kitten claws!Overall:- I love that the front flap rolls up and down easily and it’s honestly the reason I purchased this bag because other mesh back packs don’t have it. Ex: let’s say your out and it starts raining or you want to give your cat some privacy you can easily do so making it a nice option to have- there are two pockets for storage which are a decent size- the backpack straps are really sturdy and full of cushion material making it comfortable to wear- the mesh material is way more durable than I could have ever expected- I love the front opening mesh window, since the sides can be funky to unzip, the front unzipping window makes it easy to insert or remove your cat- going over to my friends house for play dates, this backpack is perfect because if my kitten wants to nap she knows her safe space is in the backpack and I can zip her up so she’s not bothered- lastly I have gotten several compliments on it from my vet and friends (:Only suggestion to the seller for future upgrades:zipper for side panel mesh areas so you don’t have to unzip the whole door and fold it back (like in the picture)
    January 15, 2022
    I just have to share my review about this pet backpack, some say that the board in it to keep the puppy right side up is uncomfortable, but I find I just wrap his blanket that I have in there for him double around that board to give it padding to my back. Several people have stopped me and said what a cool backpack. It has great ventilation and visual for him, plus it has two nice long zipper pouches on the side, and when we're just sitting in public and I don't want him to be a nuisance I unzip the front and he can just hang his head out and rest his chin on the front zipper pocket. I had a friend that paid three times this much for a dog backpack, and honestly I gave it away to someone who couldn't afford to buy anything and let her have that expensive thing that didn't work at all for me and my puppy. I have a cross breed called a morkie which is half Yorkie and half Maltese, so he's only going to get to be 7 lbs Max. He is 6 and 1/2 lb now and he cuddles up on this thing and he can see me the whole time when I'm sitting. I put a piece of my clothing in there so even though he can't see me when I'm walking he can hear me talking to him and he can smell my smell. that should sell you on this incredible little inexpensive $29 pet backpack
    January 4, 2022
    Starting off I’m going to mention I have used this once.Recommend 10/10 for the following reasons:•convenient for vet visits•safe for both you and your pet•great airflow•privacy screen (still lets sunlight in for those who are curious) which allows your pet to feel comforted and safeFor sturdiness the following reasons indicate why you should(n’t) consider this bag:•for a heavier pet the bag will feel offset if they are only on one side or when they try to climb on one side•the bottom piece is removable and the under side is pretty sturdy and fills out the bottom evenlyWhich gets me into comfort:•the bottom piece may be sturdy but for long periods of time you may feel it start to push into your lower back (or wherever it sits on your body) and I felt that instantly when I put it on. It was still comfortable but something to consider.Durability:•pretty durable however I haven’t used it that long so look for other reviews that mention long lasting durabilityOverall like I mentioned I do recommend but do consider everything I mentioned. If you’re choosing between two different options I’d say this one is a very safe option. Don’t forget to say this was helpful :) have a blessed day!
    Kimberly Brandt
    January 3, 2022
    My elderly black cat rides in this when we go on morning walks. I'm not going to say he "Loves" it as he is an old grumpy guy and doesn't really love much of anything. I think it breaks up his boring existence and let's him get a bit of fresh air. He doesn't complain so that's a good sign. The pack itself is very high quality. Minus one star as It will tip over when sitting upright. I'm thinking of hacking it just to correct this issue. If I do I'll report back. There are no issues when I'm wearing the pack. My feline weighs 10 lbs and he seems cozy enough. I wouldn't put two cats in it.
    Laura Campbell
    December 30, 2021
    The media could not be loaded.  Did not think this was going to be accepted as much as it was with our 13yr old, 10# chorkie. When we got it, I left one side unzipped and put a treat in there. Then once she eventually got in, I immediately zipped her up and took her to her favorite vantage point, which she loved. Then I took her right back in and unzipped it and let her get out on her own. Then I just left the backpack with one side open and by the next day, I caught her sleeping in it. Now, I can say backpack and she’s starting to understand that she can walk into the carrier in order to see cool things. I want her to be able to go on longer hikes with us, but she’s getting older. Hopefully, this will help pick up the slack, when she starts getting tuckered out. We didn’t have any issues with the base slanting one way or the other.What I don’t like:***I think the sides should zip so the sides lay down, so the pet can walk in, instead of opening like a door. When the pet walks in, you have to lift the carrier slightly to zip around the bottom, which can be slightly unnerving for a skittish pet.***The structural support of this is in the doors and not the sides of the main compartment, so it collapses when the doors are open. It would be better for the structural support to be in the seams of the main compartment, so the carrier can be left out to get pet acclimated to it.
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