Bamboo Long Grain Chopping Board?

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This cutting board is made of bamboo. Kitchen cutting boards have antibacterial protection and prevent bacteria from breeding in tool marks.


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Bamboo Long Grain Chopping Board 



This cutting board is made of bamboo. Kitchen cutting boards have antibacterial protection and prevent bacteria from breeding in tool marks. This will provide you and your family with a healthy and safe dining environment. Good helper in the kitchen! Ideal for cutting, dicing and even serving you can’t go wrong with this cutting board.








Weight 0.71 kg
Dimensions 11 × 6.69 × 0.39 cm

Cutting Board

10 reviews for Bamboo Long Grain Chopping Board?

    January 19, 2022
    Very high end heavy duty cutting board and great for the counter top. Might want to get a lighter duty bamboo board to haul snacks to the couch. Best one I’ve ever had, I had to sand edges with 320 grit wet/dry paper and condition, should last a long time with proper care.
    January 18, 2022
    Great cutting board.. this thing is a beast! Theres no way its going to warp like the thinner bamboo boards.. its end grain so it shouldnt dull a knife as quickly. The craftsmanship is great. Though i suspect ita mostly done with CNC mills.. still its cuts are nicely done nothing is overly rough it truely looks like a quality product that may even out last you!
    ben klink
    January 16, 2022
    this board is very nice we use boose products sold on amazon to protect it and it looks nice and is a great cutting board just remember to rub something on the board about once a month so it does not dry out
    B. Edwards
    January 12, 2022
    Incredible. This is the cutting board to measure all others by. Perfect in every way. The perfect size, a hard cutting surface so as not to dull your knives, when cutting leaves no marks on the surface, easy cleanup, hand grips for easy mobility as it's very sunstantial, and feet to keep it off the counter surface. Very attractive to boot. We bought both the medium and large sizes.
    January 7, 2022
    It's really took early to know how this will hold up, but very happy so far with it. They even treated it with one coat of mineral oil so I could use it right out of the box. I purchased oil at the same time as the butcher block because not all companies do so.Would also like to buy a smaller size if you make one with same quality.
    Steven West
    January 6, 2022
    I purchased this cutting board as a gift for a dear friend. I purchased it because I have a bamboo cutting board that I have owned for many years and it has given me great service. The gift was extremely well received.
    Amazon Customer
    January 3, 2022
    Had mine for 2 years now. I use it more than the other one I have. I oil it with mineral oil every few months. No sign of cracking or splitting. Yes, I would buy it again.
    Crazy Cat People
    January 1, 2022
    Looks wonderful, especially after treating with some butcher block conditioner and cutting board oil. It is large enough that for most meals it is the only cutting surface I need but not so large as to dominate the counterspace (we leave it out 24/7). It has been good to my knives and is easy enough to keep clean with soap and hot water after any particularly messy preparation. Price is competitive with similar products.
    Sandra from Sarasota
    December 29, 2021
    Finest quality cutting board we have ever purchased...and we've been through a number of them over the years! My husband is a gourmet cook and he loves this substantial cutting board with rubber grips so it doesn't slide around. The bamboo looks great in our kitchen - so good, in fact, that we bought two!
    December 26, 2021
    A solid wood cutting board
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