Automatic Small Ice Cream Machine

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Create delightful homemade frozen treats with Automatic Small Ice Cream Machine. Elevate your dessert experience with this compact and elegant appliance.

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Portable & Efficient Ice Cream Machine | Petra Shops


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Introducing the Automatic Small Ice Cream Machine – your gateway to delightful, homemade frozen treats! Experience the joy of crafting your favorite flavors and experimenting with creative combinations. Whether it’s rich chocolate, refreshing strawberry, or exotic mint, the possibilities are endless.Ice Cream Machine | Petra Shops

With its user-friendly design and advanced technology, this Ice Cream Machine ensures that you’ll have your frozen masterpiece ready in just 10 minutes. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to instant gratification. Indulge in a burst of sweet delight whenever you desire, at any time of the day.

This Ice Cream Machine is not only a treat for your taste buds but also an elegant addition to your kitchen. Its compact size makes it easy to store and its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to any countertop.

Colorful Ice Cream Flavors | Petra Shops


  • Safety function: automatic power off
  • Power supply mode: AC
  • Function: Effortlessly making ice cream
  • Item: Standard configuration of ice cream cone machine
  • Control method: push button interface
  • Product Category: Ice Cream Machine
  • Usage: home
  • Power Source: Battery, Electric
  • Lightweight and portable for convenience
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Efficient Ice Cream Machine | Petra Shops

Dimensions of Automatic Small Ice Cream Machine

Weight 4.61 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 430 cm




6 reviews for Automatic Small Ice Cream Machine

    January 7, 2022
    Cool one
    December 12, 2021
    I bought the Soft Serve ice cream machine for the sole purpose of making my own Disney Dole Whips at home. After some research, I found that the Dole Pineapple Soft Serve mix is the exact stuff that Disney uses in the parks. The only problem is that the bag is intended to be mixed all at once and not in small portions. I used 2 1/3 cups of water and 1 1/3 cup of mix to make a quart of Dole Whip which just fits into this machine. Chill mix for 30 minutes before pouring into the soft serve machine. For optimal freezing, I keep the freezer bowl in my deep freeze and leave it there until I'm ready to make some ice cream. Regular freezer/refrigerators don't get as cold as the deep freezes. After 20-25 minutes in the Cuisinart - I have the perfect texture for soft serve ice cream. I made the mistake of turning it off once and the ice cream got so hard that the machine would not restart. I also have tried the Frostline Chocolate and Vanilla soft serve and was very impressed with those mixes (1 cup mix, 1 3/4 cup water). I should try my own home recipe one of these days but the mixes are cheap and very easy. I don't care to use the "mix it in" feature of this machine. It works, but its easier to just sprinkle toppings by hand and some toppings get too hard to eat.
    Sheila Roberts
    May 19, 2021
    I haven't ever found this kinda quality from this ice cream machine. Small but pretty efficient! Highly recommended
    April 29, 2021
    This machine is awesome! My girlfriend and I are both kids, or grandkids, anywhere to be found, but we make ice cream usually twice a week! It works perfectly everytime! Way better than any store bought ice cream. Easy to clean and maintain...would recommend to anyone that likes ice cream!
    June 1, 2019
    So I made my first bowl of ice cream 2 days ago. I was using the mint recipe that is included in the manual. I was skeptical of the reviews because others were having issues with the freezing. The the first bowl I made was slush. I had put my bowl in the freezer overnight but I wrapped it in a plastic bag as the manual suggests. I had mixed all the ingredients before taking out the bowl. I put everything in according to directions and after 15 minutes it was still slush; 20 minutes, slush; 30 minutes; slush. Finally after 60 minutes I gave up. I came back here and read over all the reviews again. I saw several people suggest to mix the ingredients and freeze for 20 minutes before starting the ice cream maker. So last night I attempted this again. My bowl had already been in the freezer overnight. This time it was not wrapped in a plastic bag. I wanted to try vanilla this time so I mixed together all of my ingredients. I placed them in the freezer for 20 minutes. Once the time was up, I pulled the bowl out and put the ice cream maker together and started it. Then I pulled the ingredients out of the freezer and poured them in. 15 minutes later we had ICE CREAM! and the longer we ran it the thicker it got. Today I attempted coffee ice cream and went through the same steps. ICE CREAM AGAIN! So for those of you that are having issues with getting your ice cream to freeze, try mixing your ingredients and freezing them for 20 minutes BEFORE you take your bowl out and start the ice cream maker. It made a big difference for me.
    June 1, 2019
    I followed the recipe for vanilla soft serve exactly as is and it came out GREAT! I left the bowl in the freezer for 2 days and the mixture in the fridge overnight, and let it mix in the machine for about 35 minutes before serving. It was VERY thick, just perfect.
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