8.8” Stainless Steel Steak Knives

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These knives will cut through the toughest piece of steak like butter! You will want to get this set because of the great stainless steel blade as well as the classic wooden handle that allows a good grip.

Each knife is about 8.5″ (22.5cm) in length.



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Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 8.85 × 1.57 × 0.78 cm

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Reviews ( 5 )

5 reviews for 8.8” Stainless Steel Steak Knives

    January 17, 2022
    I was honestly worried about this purchased based off of some of the reviews ... but they're great. Super well made, well-balanced, sharp ... everything you expect for a set of steak knives in this price range. Honestly the negative reviews here are from people who either got a randomly bad set or have CRAZY high expectations for $60 knives. Super happy with mine.
    January 14, 2022
    These are nice steak knives. They were recommended in the New York Times, and I decided on them after researching a few options in the price range. I don’t eat meat and my husband should not eat steak often, so didn’t want to spend a lot of money on steak knives. I might serve steak maybe 6-9 times a year. The pakkawood handles really do have a nice feel. Be careful. They are sharp! I sliced my finger trying to put them the plastic tray! Do yourself a favor and buy knife blade shields.My only disappointment is that I bought them for $49.95 about a month ago and had been that price for mo this. Now they are $39.95.
    Peter J. Kelly
    June 1, 2021
    Very handsome pieces and well made. The steel is sharp out of the box making the usable immediately and if I had to guess, I would say they will probably hold their edge for a long time. They are heavier in the handle than in the blade which gives them a nice feel in your hand when being used. While I gave them 5 stars, I will share a potential concern - as you can see from the images, the handles are a shorter than the blades by a fair margin. For me, as an six foot man with average sized hands for my size, the fit perfectly but there are plenty of fellows with bigger hands than mine and they need to be mindful when they buy. If it helps, I am a size 9 glove :)
    April 1, 2021
    I've had two sets of four (eight total) of these Avanta steak knives with the pakkawood handles for almost five years now. My regular kitchen knifes are a mix of Messermeister Meridian and San Moritz elite, Wusthof Classic, and Zwilling Pro, but I just couldn't bring myself to drop the dime on such expensive steak knives. I wanted something I didn't have to cringe every time a dinner guest scraped a plate, or my son dropped on the tile floor. These seemed to fit the bill. Still forged. still a generally decent German steel. Heavy in the hand but not too big. A good name. I liked them when I got them and I still like them.I've yet to have them professionally sharpened, but I'm sure they'd be more than happy to have it done when I get around to it. They still cut great, despite them not being terribly babied. I do hand wash and dry, and would never recommend putting them in the dishwasher, though I imagine you could if you were really that desperate. Some of the comments mention ill-fitting handles or sharper edges on the tangs. I've not experienced that at all. 8/8 knives all feel very premium and well made. I imagine if you start comparing them to $50 a piece steak knives they're not going to stack up all that well, but when does stuff like that ever work?I know it's far from Messermeister's premium offerings, but at the price, it still feels like a very nice steak knife. I recommend them and I'd buy them again.Oh. And how can anyone possibly imagine a knife costing less than $15 each is being made in Solingen? Especially when it says right in the description they're made in China. Come on people. Use some common sense. You can't not read the item description and then leave a bad review because you thought you were getting the bargain of a lifetime on something that isn't what this is. If you want the steak knife hand-forged in Germany, that's fine, but expect to pay a LOT more for them.These are good knives. They're made in China. Like just about everything else that you aren't paying a huge premium on. Get a grip. 
    March 5, 2021
    I have a very nice set of chef knives with Damascus steel and dark wood handles, so I wanted something that looked similar. I searched pretty extensively across the internet and there simply isn't much out there. A stopped by a knife shop in California (specialize in kitchen knives) and given my requirements they recommended these. So I bought a set and we liked them so much I bought a second set when I later found them on Amazon. We don't use them a ton, mostly for dinner parties that involve steak, so I can't speak to durability or how long they hold their edge. The original set is probably 2 years old and I haven't had to sharpen them yet. So far we've really liked them and people often comment on them. Nice wood and coloring, great weight to them and contour of the handle. The price is great, because if I found a better set that met my requirements I was willing to pay 4X the price of these. Just nothing out there without going custom.
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