720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet

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Discover ultimate kitchen convenience with the 720° Angle Faucet. Effortless 720° rotation, pure water, easy install. Elevate your space now!”

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720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet | Petra Shops


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Introducing the remarkable 720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet – a true game-changer in kitchen fixture design that redefines convenience, functionality, and water quality.


1. Universal rotation of 720 degrees to produce water
2. It is more convenient to wash your face and gargle
3. Two outlet methods
4. Oxygen-enriched foam, excellent water quality, splash proof
5.4 layers of filter screen to remove impurities
6. Two-layer gasket seal, no water leakage


  • Name: 720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet
  • Material: Brass Core, ABS
  • Surface Treatment: Electroplating
  • Outlet Options:
    1. V-Type Universal Double-Gear Bubbler-24 External Wire Feed Wrench (Adjustable up and down to a large angle)
    2. V-Type Universal Double-Gear Bubbler-22 Internal Wire-Feeding Wrench (Adjustable up and down angles)


Experience the two functions in one faucet:

  • Sprinkle: Ideal for tasks requiring a broader water coverage.
  • Soak: Perfect for targeted water delivery, useful for delicate cleaning tasks.


  1. Carefully remove the original bubbler and take measurements.
  2. Select the appropriate connector, insert the gasket, and secure it (Note: Step not applicable for 24 external connections).
  3. Attach the gasket to the main interface and secure it.
  4. Rotate the faucet to the right to tighten.
  5. Perform water connection adjustments and your installation is complete.

Internal thread + adapter universal

Package Contents:
1 * faucet

Upgrade your kitchen with the unparalleled convenience, water quality, and adaptability of the Kitchen Faucet. 720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet | Petra Shops720° Angle Faucet: Modern Design

Pure Water Delivery | Petra ShopsPremium Brass Core & ABS Construction4-Layer Filter Screen for Pure Water

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 50 cm

1pc, 3pc, 5pc, 4pc, 2pc


Universal, A, B

6 reviews for 720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet

    chris kraft
    January 11, 2022
    While the head is a bit larger then some other options, I opted for this item. The rang in motion is about 30 degrees from plumb so gives you plenty of spray for cleaning the sink. I bought this since my apartment lacked a sprayer for cleaning the sink. I purchased both this and the item with the extended hose with the understanding that one of them would work as I needed. I found the hose to be too long and made it difficult to fill britta pitchers. My faucet is only a couple inches above the counter surface so it may work for others in different situations. I liked the range of motion of the hose but felt like the hose would eventually tear from the extra flexing I would use to fill the pitchers. I am happy with the product, I had more trouble getting the old faucet washer off then installing the new one. During the install I had to tighten both the nut to my faucet as well as the top of this sprayer. It had gotten lose and was leaking. At first I thought it was deffective but after looking closely I relaized it had worked lose. I hand tightened it and love it.
    December 12, 2021
    I put this aerator on and it leaked. I fiddled with it and was ready to send it back. PLS NOTE: In putting it back in it's original package, I happened to notice a very pale colored washer in the bag. Eureka! I placed this washer in its proper place and tightened it up and , VOILA- Dry as a bone. So, far it works like a charm. Really good pressure and the one-touch button that allows full flow water to spray is really a cool feature. A really nice polished looking chrome finish. Swivel action is firm and holds it's position. I actually enjoy using it. Go figure
    B. Carr
    November 6, 2021
    ...but here I am. I live in an apartment complex, so you know the quality of things like faucets. A few months ago, I replaced the gasket AND the aerator on my kitchen faucet because it was dribbling water. It ended up clogging--then shooting a stream of water where it didn't belong.I spent the $10 on this one - and boy, am I ever glad! It seems to seriously help the (low) water pressure issue..it doesn't leak at all, and the switch feature between stream and spray - is faultless. I'd recommend this 100%. Well worth the money. Thanks!
    May 27, 2021
    The quality of the product is superb!
    Brian Cox
    May 5, 2021
    I got this to replace an aerator that was beyond the usual cleaning up to fix. I liked the option of switching to shower stream but I doubted the usefulness of the swivel. I have to say after installing this my stream is aerated nicely and is smooth. The shower feature works gret and combines with the swivel I can make the water reach most areas of the sink without having to pull out the sprayer. If you don't have a separate sprayer this is a nice feature and is very functional.
    April 25, 2021
    The media could not be loaded.  Great water pressure and no leaks! This comes in a long and short style. I purchased the short. Switches easily from bubble stream to shower mode. 360 turn is a plus.
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