Stainless Steel Easy to use Pineapple Peeler Accessories Pineapple Slicers Fruit Cutter Corer Slicer Kitchen Tools

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Excellent and easy to use.
Perfectly designed to peel, core, and sliced pineapples.
Once the flesh is taken out, the shell is goods for serving fried rice dishes, cocktail bowls, etc.

Item Type: Pineapple Corer-Slicer
Material: 201 Stainless steel, ABS
Height: 18cm/7.09inch
Bottom diameter: 8.5cm/3.35inch
Tube diameter: 3cm/1.18inch
Package: OPP bag
Weight: 120g(with package)
Color: Black handle+Black buckle, Yellow handle+Black buckle, Fruit Green handle+Black buckle

Package Content:
1* Pineapple corer-slicer


Additional information
Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Set, Black, Green, Yellow, Yellow with Slicer, 0.8cm, 2cm, Green with Slicer, 1.4cm, Black with Slicer, 1cm

Reviews ( 5 )

5 reviews for Stainless Steel Easy to use Pineapple Peeler Accessories Pineapple Slicers Fruit Cutter Corer Slicer Kitchen Tools

    February 19, 2022
    This product is amazing. It came today and I was highly skeptical to say the least. I saw the plastic cheap dicer and thought this will never work. The handle snapped right together extremely easily. I cut the top off the pineapple, no need to take the bottom off it will sit upright (the empty pineapple can be used for a summer drink). I centered the corer and started twisting, I kept twisting and twisting and thought, how will I know when I hit bottom, you’ll know. I pulled the insides right out when it hit bottom, pineapple easily pulled out. I used just a little pressure and pushed the dicer right down. Do yourself a favor and pull pineapple out sitting in a clean sink and have a plate ready to move pineapple to for dicing. Lots of juice! Worth the money, don’t eat a lot of pineapple, but I did the whole process in about 2-3 minutes.
    January 5, 2022
    Bought on a whim when it was on sale, but would gladly pay full price! So very worth it. So easy to use, I don't even have to bother my husband for help. The piece that is used to cut it into triangles doesn't really work, so I eat it rings instead. Comes apart easily and just throw it all on the top rack of the dishwasher.
    November 15, 2021
    I love pineapple, hate cutting it, like everyone. (If you're out there with a machete and don't hate it, stop reading now.) Luckily, I had a pineapple waiting to be cut when this arrived today, and I went to work. My only regret is that I didn't video how easy it is to use this thing - I'll try to remember next time and update this review. Cut right through, slipped out of the pineapple, came out of the pineapple cleanly. I used a knife to make chunks, mostly because I like my pineapples a little overripe and didn't want to take a chance that the plastic cutter would mash the pineapple instead of cutting it. (That thing could definitely be sharper - didn't really affect my review!) I am THRILLED with this thing, and am about to order several for my nieces who love pineapple. (IMHO - Everyone would love pineapple if they had one of these and didn't have to deal with cutting them up.)If you love pineapple - BUY ONE.
    Kindle Customer
    November 6, 2021
    The deer are going to be so happy. I've been buying the pre-peeled pineapple, but that only leaves the core for the deer in my back yard. With this dandy little gadget I lopped off the top with my chef knife, stuck the gadget down on the pineapple, gave it a few twists, and viola! I extracted the yummy interior that I like and even had a nice little glass of pineapple juice left inside the pineapple carcass which I poured into my pomegranate juice and drank. I then took my chef knife and chopped the pineapple carcass and core up into smaller pieces and will take them out and put them under the apple tree for the deer. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces when they see so much pineapple bounty under the apple tree.
    June 1, 2021
    Who doesn't hate cutting up a pineapple in to chunks? Got this thinking it would be awesome even if it worked only a few times. Once we received it I really thought it would never work but tried it anyway. Boy was I wrong. It doesn't look like the thin metal and plastic would hold up at all but sure enough it made an easy task out of chunking the pineapple. I would say it reduced the time by way more than half. Our only mistake was not accounting for all the juice that comes out in the process and we spent more time cleaning up the running juice on the counter that using the corer. We are very pleasantly surprised in the ease of function and that it actually works. Lots mor pineapple in the family future!
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