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Factory direct folding stainless steel drain sink rack is bowl rack , kitchen sink rack vegetable and fruit water control rack which is multipurpose roll up dish drying rack over the sink, foldable collapsible kitchen dish dryer sink rack stainless steel rollup drainer


The sink rack is convenient and practical, save space. Rack is healthy and environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.rack is easy to clean and easy to has a professional design and it is simple and beautiful.The folding kitchen drain rack stainless steel is madeup of high-q iron materials, corrosion and rust resistance and durable.This rack is 100% food safe material and it is  nontoxic , non-stick and BPA free. It is easy to store because it is flexible and portable.This folding drainer rack is dishwasher safe and it is freezer safe.



Size: Small: approx. 14.5 inch * 9 inch
Large: approx. 18.5 inch * 9 inch


1. 12 tubes  S size: 37cm*23cm

Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel


2. 12 tubes L size: 47cm*23cm



Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel


3. 15 tubes  S size: 37cm*28cm

Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel


4. 15 tubes  L size: 47cm*28cm


5. 18 tubes  S size: 37cm*34cm

Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel


6. 18 tubes  L size: 47cm*34cm

Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel

7. 20 tubes  S size: 37cm*38cm 

8. 20 tubes  L size: 47cm*38cm


Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel

9. 25 tubes  S size: 37cm * 48cm

Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel


10. 25 tubes  L size: 47cm* 48cm

Folding Kitchen Drain Sink Rack Stainless Steel

Material: Stainless Steel and pp.
Color: Red, green, blue
Applications: Home, kitchen, etc.

The number indicates the number of tubes
S/L means size


Package Content:

1 x Kitchen Rack


Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 50 cm

Black, Silver, Green, Blue, Special Black, Pink, Black 52×40


20 L, 15L, 15tubes 37X30cm, 10L, 12L, 20 S, 12 L, 18 S, 12S, 15 L, 18 Full L, 18 L, 12 S, 18 Full S, 15S

8 reviews for Foldable Roll-Up Drying Rack

    Janine Beasley
    January 7, 2022
    I had read all the reviews (of several) and then decided to get this one. It truly does exactly what it says it will do. I am using it right now as a dish drainer over my sink. It is very sturdy when it is over the sink, but then rolls up easily to fit inside a 3 inch OD PVC pipe (I got the idea from one of the reviews I read). It's a great way to store it, attached to a convenient (and in my case otherwise unused) space in the lower cabinet!!
    November 8, 2021
    For my tiny vintage kitchen (with no dishwasher) this is a perfect product! I use to have a dish dryer sitting my already limited counter space, but with this dish dryer, I've gained back a bunch of space which is much needed. Its sturdy and holds a lot of dishes but also has a coating so nothing slips which is great. 
    M. Murphy
    November 6, 2021
    This is the second dish rack I have purchased. First one for me, this one as a gift. Sturdy fit over the sink. Holds a heavy cast iron pot with no signs of stress. Great for washing veggies, or as a drying rack for washed dishes. Rolls up or folds in half if you need full access to the one half of your sink. Have used as a trivet a couple of times, when taking hot pots off the stove and have nowhere to place them. While I feel hesitant that the rubber may melt, it never has. Definitely would recommend if you're in need of extra space, or have a lot of knives, pots or wood cooking utensils that can't go into the dishwasher.
    July 1, 2021
    I've been working with this Sorbus Drying Rack for a couple of weeks now and i love it. 6 weeks ago i didn't even know such a thing existed and now I never want to be without one again. I came upon this while searching for kitchen organization aids. At the time i was using a mat on the counter to dry my dishes because i just couldn't deal with the traditional two piece drainer dish rack. So when i found this category i began researching my options, reading reviews and questions answered etc. I found that this product met most of the criteria i established during my research of drying racks. It was large and sturdy with a coating that was rust and heat resistant. I really didn't know i needed that last feature. I have used it for the obvious purpose or draining dishes, for holding produce as i clean them before putting them away, and for supporting the metal trivets on my stove while i scrub them clean with a baking soda paste - that's a lot of heavy scrubbing and the rack didn't even bat an eye. when i'm finished i rinse it, roll it up and stand it on end next to the sink. AND i use it to drain the larger houseplants when i want to wash off their leaves and give a good shower. It's passed every test but the one of time. It remains to be seen how the coating holds up under normal conditions and the oxidation that takes place in my part of the world. It's very dry here and there are times when i've reached for a plastic container to have it crumble in my hands. Most storage devices that have coated metal crack and crumble as well. This coating will dominate the dry air and oxidation - fingers crossed.
    June 12, 2021
    Love this nifty thing! I have a very deep, large sink and this mat gives it another “dimension”. I can use the mat for dish drying or draining veggies or fruit before I process them for cooking, salads whatever. I used to put a towel on the counter to drain the veggies, leaving a mess to clean up & wet towel. This rack will solve that problem. I can still put things in the sink under the mat, like soaking pots where they are out of the way. This is already a very good addition to my small kitchen where many things have to do double duty to make the kitchen efficient. I love to cook from scratch, so always have lots of dishes, pots & pans to wash. My small dish drainer gets full quickly, so this expands the drying/draining area for dishes. Love that it is adjustable, just roll it up when needed, or put it away. I will get lots of use out of this mat. Also, it is well made, very sturdy and will be very easy to keep clean. It “hugs” the sink edge nicely and feels very secure because of the silicone. 
    Erv Crain
    June 4, 2021
    For the longest time we've used a cloth pad or towel on the side of the sink for drying dishes and utensils. Glasses, cups and bowls placed upside down to drain took forever to dry on the inside because the pad prevented air from circulating all round. The Sorbus drying rack is the perfect solution. It keeps the countertop clear of drying dishes, allows full air circulation for quick drying, and easily rolls up for storage under the sink when not in use. It is sturdy enough for heavy pots and pans and the rubber coating keeps dishes and glasses from chipping or breaking. Great!
    April 1, 2021
    This item is well-built and sturdy. Very usefully saves counter space, too. Finally, it rolls up and I store it in a 3" plastic PVC pipe I attached in the under-counter cupboard.
    Chantilly Philly
    March 27, 2021
    Love, love love this product. In fact, I bought four of them. Some to give as gifts and some to keep and use myself. I always have one over my kitchen sink and I use the other one in the bathroom where I put it across the sink when I am putting on my make up etc. That way it provides me additional counter space that I normally would not have. That is a great convenience to me. They are strong and won't sag. Highly recommend them to others to create ways to use them as well.
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